Healing – What is it

This is a difficult topic and touchy to most because it brings on triggers of trauma that have not been dealt with. In the Western world today anything is considered healing. Just standing out in the sun is considered healing. What do we base this off of?


In a world that is incredibly disconnected from Self, we lose any distinguishing factors of what truth is. We lose our connection with a deep and powerful place inside. The only place that true healing comes from.


From a Ayurvedic view, if you were to sit on a street corner and just diagnose the next 100 people that walk by, you would be shocked to know how diseased the average “healthy person”, by Western standards, is. The majority of people in the Western culture are incredibly diseased and by a Western lens they are completely health. Why? Western medicine is unable to see any root of the problem due to the fact that it is symptom based. By the time the symptom has arrived the disease has been rooted deeply for quite a long time already. It can be compared to a water spicket that has a leak that drips slowly into a bucket. The bucket continues to fill slowly until it starts to trickle down the side and gather on the ground. This then nourishes the seed of a weed that starts to grow. (no symptoms yet) The weed then sprouts a bud. This is when the pre-symptoms occur. They are not symptoms but pre-symptoms that have no correlation to anything yet. Then that bud grows out and starts to bloom a flower. These last two stages are where symptoms appear and then the flowering is the actual disease manifesting. Nothing, no disease, in our world manifests instantaneously unless it is a physical trauma like being injured in a car accident or something like that. It is only the flower that Western medicine can see and then tries to treat.

When Western medicine then treats this disease with their plethora of drugs, they are only treating the symptom and although it may get one out of pain (the symptom) it does not in any way cure the disease. Beside this the drugs themselves create other imbalances which are known as side effects in Western medicine terms. These lists are enormous and there are more side effects that each drug can cause that the Western lens cannot see or even correlate to them due to that same lens that they look thru. It is only cutting that weed from the root that is actual healing and this paradigm is completely out of sight from the Western paradigm.


So what is healing then?


Healing takes a paradigm shift. A change. It takes one taking responsibility of oneself and responsibility of the pattern that had created the disease in the first place.


Healing is not whatever makes one feel good. Most of the time, one dodges away from taking responsibility as we are not from a culture that does, we do not know what that is. It is a different paradigm completely. Responsibility is the ability to respond. This goes back to the statement above of how disconnected we are from Self in the West. Our culture does not support anything but fear and making money, the society is based upon it. We call it creativity though. How does one create when the deep knowledge is never had? An easy example of this is Yoga in the West. I won’t go on that rant though, you all know what i am talking about if you have read any of the other posts. Our creativity is really destruction in disguise. We are a culture of superficiality and marketing. A survival based society that is better termed sociopathic. We are unrelationable at best. It is incredibly painful as once one steps out of the societal norms and lives on the other side. The same happens as one progresses spiritually. As one has their eyes open, they see what is and how it is. The truth is really hard to swallow for most so most don’t ever go there. This is also connected to that ability to respond, responsibility. Ones ability to be in themself (which seems to be a cliche these days and only a concept for more useless heady conversations) is the only place where one can experience the other from. Only when one is embodied do they truly experience empathy, everything else is just a reaction not actually empathy of being able to step into someone else’s shoes and I mean really getting into their shoes. With being embodied comes dealing with ones own trauma. Hell, anyone that was brought up in the West has just amazing amounts of trauma as default of being an American. they don’t even know it. Even the most well balanced person brought up in a healthy family is traumatized unconsciously living in the western paradigm where the entire culture has been created off of murder and theft from its very beginnings, cultural trauma. There is also trauma of the paradigm of the society, societal trauma. Trauma passed down through generations, transgenerational trauma. Trauma of the male or female origin due to culture, gender trauma. (This is different in different cultures) and then of course you have your own personal trauma which is on several levels. Ugh. Some may call this just being human but i severely disagree. To be human is to actually be in our true state of self, this is the only way evolutionary principles of our being manifest.


In these days of marketing and sales of whatever will sell, the health field has been obliterated with nonsense and only installs fear and preys upon the Western, I am not good enough and the need for more. This is all the wrong direction from healing no matter the modality or substance. There are so many ideas of what is health or healthy out there. None of them are found in time tested knowledge whatsoever. Most of them can be obviously thrown away as nonsense like the alkalizing diet or anything alkalize. In getting out of the fear induced lack of intellegence one can see that most cultures of the entire world have survived off of beans and rice as the main staple if not the only food of the diet for centuries and centuries. Both beans and rice are acidic in the body. Think about it. Need I say more? Like that we are the fattest and the most diseased culture in the world and it isn’t getting any better but far worse? 1 of every 4 four years olds are obese. what does that tell you?


The only healing is truly getting out of the society and getting into one’s self. Easier said than done right? or maybe, Well, how do I do that?


The first step is to stop going and doing. There is this amazing thing that one can drop into if applied. you will realize that there is nothing really to do. All of our time stuff is human constructs. The less time you keep being busy with nonsense that we consider really important, the sooner you will drop into self. Just this alone has amazing healing abilities. but it is a process. healing takes time, lots of time. One needs to unwrap all the hidden trauma from childhood and the present. the more one has dodged dealing with it over the lifetime the longer it will take to unwind.


The second step is to observe. This is to be present. Now to me that term has been completely destroy with heady concepts of what it is employed by the mindfulness movement and western books on buddhism. No, Observing is to become a witness. In this state there is no reacting. there is just watching the life unfold as if it is a movie but then knowing that you are watching it as well. Being present takes responsibility. i can’t tell you how many yoga teachers or spiritual teachers that have even written books on being present are out sleeping with their students or sleeping with someone else’s wife or husband. Yes, so present, so responsible. Without being in this observing state there can be no embodiment, no empathy, nothing but concepts in ones mind. This leaves the actions, speech and thoughts completely in misalignment with each other which is nothing less than a serious mental disorder.

From this state of observing, a silence grows. In this silence, one becomes still. When one becomes still one has to deal with oneself. Think for a moment if there was nothing to do. What would it be like if there was nothing to do? Seriously. What would you do? Most people would think of something to do. But then when that is done, then what? Sooner or later you will run out of things to do, hopefully, then what? This is stillness. this is when the mind becomes silent. Could you possibly imagine what it would be like without that voice in your head running all the time? Do you realize what an amazing thing that is? That is when one is embodied, when one is just being. In this state, a whole world starts to open to you. A world that was never there before. one that the cliche’ stop and smell the roses is apt for. One doesn’t know what roses are there until one knows. One can’t smell when one doesn’t even have the sensitivity to know that there are roses to be smelt.

And this to is not healing. But it is a path.

When all your grief comes up. When all of it is dealt with by not placing meaning on it and trying to analyze it (that creates more trauma and pushes it all deeper), when there is a witnessing of your grief by yourself without trying to do anything with it, not trying to fix it…… just witnessing it, respecting it, giving it reverence,…….. this is when the healing starts. No one else can do it for you although we need others for help. Most others in this western world are inept in helping though. The western paradigm is to try to make someone feel better right away or to make them validated in their grief. This does not help anyone in anyway, it just creates an attachment to the grief by identification.

One of the next steps is to stop consuming in this consumeristic world. It just sucks you into the materialism and down the spiral.

There is so much more, this is just the warm up.


So what is real healing…. on all levels?




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