More on Ancient Knowledge being proved by Modern Science

Very long (4 hrs) and the font is really hard to read at times, but there are several points in the movie that show how our modern science is actually incorrect and the paradigm we live from is incorrect. This material world we grasp onto so tightly takes us away from self and this is to the point why what we have taken on as “yoga” has hardly anything to do with yoga what so ever.

Another point that is shown by this movie is that numbers are a language and details actually do matter. Knowledge is what it is all about. The more you know the more freedom you experience. Yoga is not what you what to make it, sorry. It is not whatever an individual thinks it is. It is a very detailed science that is either followed just like numbers and mathematics to have the specified results or it is not and no results of what has been explained in the yoga shastra is attained.

Although consciousness is what it is all about, it doesn’t give free reign and poetic right to do anything you want and call it Yoga, healing, or anything that is within a spiritual realm.

I hope you watch and enjoy the video. Sorry about any parts that seem too paranoid or conspiracy theory. Not intended for that information.


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