More on a spiritually lived life

The chief aim of Indian Yoga practices is to attain Jivan-Mukti (liberated in life). If we study the evolution process of all creatures of the world, man is said to be at the top rung of the ladder. This is because he has those powers of wisdom and discrimination (Vivek) which helps him jump high on the ladder of evolution. Further he is capable of carrying out any difficult task with his inner powers. Majority of human beings in this world persevere so as to attain superficial material benefits. That is all. They feel that in order to carry out such tasks, it is enough if they have material wealth, bodily might and sharp intelligence. Very few people in this world realize that apart from those 3 powers, man needs soul force so as to carry out other super human tasks. It is a fact that soul force is the ultimate goal of our life and that no other “force” can compare with it. In order to attain soul force one has to take recourse to Yogic spiritual practices. People who after understanding their mental taints, take up the path of real Yoga so as to overcome these taints and thus attain the true goal of a human life, start imbibing soul force slowly but steadily. Thus they not only achieve worldly/material goals but that they ascend the high peaks of spirituality. Not only do they themselves benefit but that they spiritually and materially uplift scores of other human beings of the world. (after all,they are the ones holding the ropes.) Apart from the well-known disciplines of spiritual practices pertaining to Yoga, great seers of Spiritual Sciences have given us various paths and branches of Yoga after performing successful Yoga penances. Amongst all these paths “Kundalini-Yoga” is of prime importance (Kundalini = Divine Serpent Power). With its aid, that divine energy manifests in a human body which purifies man’s consciousness. Such a person can experience the subtle world apart from the gross world as per his desire. Thus instead of being limited by narrowness and superficial experience of life he can witness the movements of the gigantic cosmos. In the Yoga spiritual text called Hatha Yoga Pradipika it is said :

“Just as the substratum of the entire world, including forests etc, in Shesha-Naga (chief of serpents), so too the basis of all Yoga practices is the Divine Serpent Power (Kundalini). When due to the Guru’s (spiritual preceptor) grace our Kundalini awakens, all the 6 Chakras (plexuses) are unlocked. At that time the void state of the vital force (Prana) turns into a royal path (Sushumna). The mind is rendered devoid of thoughts and one overcomes the fear of death.”


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