Did you know

Did you know that a real yogic diet is consistent only of rice, milk, ghee and sweet foods? Yes, that is mainly all that is taken.
Shiva Samhita chapter 3.39,40,41

Did you know that a real yogi has all three doshas balanced? This is due to the fact that the practice balances them. This is impossible to do with out the knowledge of what that is and also impossible with the yoga that is taught out there from a western exercise theory lens. Yoga is about prana, not exercise.
Shiva Samhita chapter 3.50

Did you know that the correct practice of pranayama destroys bad karma accrued from past lives and from this life but it doesn’t stop there. It also destroys the positive karma as well. Interesting to think about, what does that say to you? Proper pranayama also brings on the siddhis or the supernatural powers. This says a ton as well, anyone out there with siddhis?
Shiva Samhita chapter 3.54 – 60


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