The Ugly Truth

It has been said in the Vedic literature that truth shines in its own glory – true, and that is why it sometimes happens to be the fond pleasure of a great deal of sham to pass for truth and delude people, specially of the American public who innocently don’t know any better. Anyone wearing a bindi can sound like they know something and teach but with what credentials are they teaching? The Western culture does not understand the Indian culture so much of what is commonly known to an Indian seems like “spiritual knowledge”.

But it does not take a long time for discerning minds to peer through the think veil of delusive luster and expose its inherent ugliness to the light of hitherto concealed facts.

“The best defense is an attack” is an old military maxim, and such is this blog. But it is a reasonable and reasoned attack, appealing to the reader’s logical faculties and treating the subjects on the high plane that is in keeping with its really vital importance.


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