Several slokas on eating

These following slokas are from Charaka Samhita chapter 28. It is the main text of Ayurveda.

These slokas pretty much say it all. No commentary needed, except to say that in this day and age… What is wholesome for an individual is very much misunderstood. It is not about carbs being evil, it is not a high protein diet or anything unusual like that. That will actually cause disease. This is perfectly natural and common wisdom when one takes the time to understand the depth of themselves and nature.
I hope you can see the parallel with yoga in these. Raga, dvesha, abhyasa, etc…

Qualities of the wise: endowed with learning, intelligence, memory, dexterity, restraint, regular use of wholesome regimen, purity of speech, serenity of mind and patience. Thus they do not suffer from disorders.

Qualities of the normal people: covered in Rajas (desire/attachment) and Tamas (ignorance), they prefer the liked objects, and the temporarily pleasing objects.

Thus they suffer from various disorders of the body and mind.

Due to intellectual error and crimes against wisdom, he indulges in unwholesome sense objects, suppression of natural urges and taking up risky jobs.

It is not possible to derive entire beneficial results of food only on the basis of it’s quantity because all the 8 factors of dieting” have their divided significant effects.

One should not eat foods out of either attachment or ignorance; rather he should eat the wholesome food after examination, because the body is a product of food.


Real Ghee – “qualities and actions”

You can find in lots of grocery stores now. It is just the new (old), hot thing to hit the market along with those (outrageously over priced) goji berries, maca, spirulina, blue-green algae, chlorella, acai, cacao, sumac, noni, mangosteen, camu camu, acerola cherry, barley grass, wheatgrass and turmeric. Whew! Did i forget any?
With the new public awareness of ayurveda, ghee is getting more popular these days. Lets look at ghee and milk and how it is made to see what “real” ghee is as well as learn bigger concepts of ayurveda. You might save yourself some cash and save your health as well.In the “americanized” version of what is being called ayurveda, what they are calling ghee is only clarified butter. You take a stick of butter, throw it in a pan, cook out the water and the milk solids and wallah, you have what “they” are calling ghee. It is…

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