Destruction of Illusion

The urge to transcend materiality is not a voluntary path for almost every human being on this planet… although, in this day and age, we would like to think it is. Moksha is only born of loss. it is loss. Haven’t heard anyone lately talking about how much they have lost lately and how great it is. “Boy, looking forward to more!” The impediments to material enjoyment is reacted to in frustration. This is just the attachment one has to objects and the material.

When your illusions are deeply destroyed, it burns up all that is transitory. When our deepest fantasies are torn apart, there is intense pain.

Most suffer with this pain and find coping strategies not to feel that pain. This only leads into the darkness of ignorance. It is only by feeling that pain for what it is, by acknowledging it without attachment to meaning, by seeing that emotion, for what it is, from outside of it, that embodied can occur and the trauma is healed. After the psychological reorganization that follows the actual healing of the trauma, there comes tranquility. Then the experience becomes one of one’s inner strength.

The fire itself is the only transformative element.


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