Spirit in to matter

The masculine (passive, shiva) and feminine (active, shakti) principles of god is purusha and prakriti. Out of the womb of creativity, prakriti, manifests this entire manifest world. As long as creation exist there is always going to be this manifest world. The world of matter is eternal. The way we perceive this world needs to change. The first manifestation of prakriti is intelligence, mahat. This is the absolute intelligence, it is autonomous, it is perfection. The first manifestation of intelligence is the ahamkar, the “I former”. It creates the individual or identity.  We think that it is a bad thing and we try to denounce it. The ego is an object of creation independent of our existence. The ego you may be trying to suppress is actually part of creation, it pervades creation. Anything manifest has ahamkar. The only problem with the ego is that we do not remain as our Self and we identify with the ego. The gunas are created out of the ahamkar. The mind is not created yet. The ahamkar was prior to the mind. Sattva, the first guna, is responsible for the creation of the mind. The mind is pure Sattva, the forge towards differentiation, knowledge, and purity. This is the essence of the mind. The other two gunas: Rajas and Tamas. Rajas is activity and Tamas is ignorance or darkness. Sattva guna is also responsible for the creation of the indriyas, the sense faculties of; hearing, touch, vision, taste, and smell. There is also the organs of action; speech, grasping, walking, procreation, and elimination. Sattva is responsible for the creation of the organic universe, the manifest world, there are no gunas that describe the manifest world and sattva is in the manifest world (to be sattvic does not mean you are spiritual at all) all that of the divine is beyond attributes or these gunas; Tamas is responsible for the creation of the inorganic universe. These two aspects of creation are brought into relation thru Raja guna. The mind is an object of creation, it is material in qualities, it is incapable of liberating itself. The soul is in the heart. Without surrendering to god there is no liberation and the ego doesn’t like to surrender. The ego is what gives the idea that you can liberate yourself.

Rajas and Tamas in excess are the cause of mental disorders. This is easily seen as one of the main reasons why suppression of the desires is foremost in a yogic path.

Akasha or ether is the first expression of consciousness. It is nuclear energy.  Akasha starts to move and creates Vayu the second expression. Prana is this. It organizes everything. It flows beyond our consciousness. It is electrical energy, the nervous system. From this comes Agni or fire. Everything gets metabolized and digested. Agni brings warmth and radiant energy. Water comes from this heat, it is chemical energy. Earth settles from this in mechanical energy. More about this in another article.


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