Mind and Counsciousness

Every act or process of the mind is a mental modification. Now, what is it that witnesses all these various states and changes and modifications of the mind, links them together, relates them with one another and maintains and reveals the unity and continuity of the mind in and through them? As the mind, which is sometimes conscious and sometimes unconscious and undergoes all these changes in time, cannot rationally be conceived as a conscious reality by its own essential nature, there must be some self existent changeless Consciousness illumining and unifying all the states and processes of the mind in all the levels of its phenomenal existence and preserving and exhibiting its unity and continuity. Its conditions of awareness and unawareness, waking and dream and sleep, are equally revealed to
and by that Consciousness. Without assuming the existence of such an
underlying Witness-Consciousness, the phenomena of the conscious and subconscious and unconscious mind and what is called the empirical consciousness cannot be rationally accounted for. The Witness-Consciousness is a self illumined reality and is witness to all the conscious and unconscious states of the empirical mind, witness to all processes of knowledge and feeling and will as well as the negation of all such processes and operations of the mind and intellect. It may be regarded as a Changeless Mind behind as well as immanent in the changing mind,
a super empirical Mind illumining and unifying all the states and processes of the empirical mind. It is the Soul of the psycho-physical organism.


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