Yoga is abiding by the principles of truth and avoiding the path of untruth. Yoga is a science which is meant for the study of the reflective. It is for those who are convinced that the world of the senses has nothing substantial to offer.

This is an additional comment added after the post was published.
I have received emailed comments about these few lines written above, that have really said so much about what is going on in the US with yoga. I have been called dark and also a perfectionist, I have been countered on what is stated above and others have just let me know their take on yoga. I was told that this might have been for ancient times but not for where we are today.

The various comments just point to see our world today, the arrogance and ignorance of people. Everyone has an opinion, not one of them have walked the path to be able speak of it though. The above few lines were actually quoted from Sivananda, who is of our time, not some ancient dude dressed in a tiger skin, living in a cave but a real yogi that was out in the world, spreading the knowledge of yoga science. I did not write this therefore it is not my opinion of yoga for those of you that emailed me with your thoughts in contrary to that paragraph. Everyone having an opinion that is contrary to it just shows our inability to live and understand a yogic path and also shows our desires to change it to fit our limitations rather than doing the work that is necessary to go beyond those very limitation. Funny, isn’t that the very thing what yoga is about? And you wanna change it so that it won’t do what it’s aim is?

Changing the foundation of the science of yoga to fit your own limitations is amazingly arrogant and ignorant. To think that this ancient science with amazing depth, written by sages, stood the test of time and now it needs to change because of you? Wow! Really? Or that now in time is so separate from any other time over the past 5000 years that the knowledge doesn’t fit today because we are special or different? Wow! Really? One of the basic knowledges of yoga that comes with experience is when the individual consciousness merges with the universal and the mind dissolves into pure subjectivity. The perception sees the truth and the falsehood of the outer world, the illusory nature of material objects and the link of the senses to them. This is basic yoga 101.

And you think that your changing of the very foundation of yoga to your desire is going to enable you the same or any results? Really?


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