Food and drink before yoga class

About food and drink before yoga or just before exercise….

From the text. Only a little milk can be had by the beginner before asana or pranayama.

A little means less than a cup and has to be boiled although it doesn’t say anything about those in the texts. It is obvious if you understand the culture and the concepts of diet and food from their vantage point. This is also why it is necessary to have a teacher that isn’t full of western information and ideas.

Milk is heavy to digest and cold in potency. Boiling it as it is always in the Indian culture, makes it easily digested. Putting milk in the refrigerator makes it colder and even harder to digest. Then to take it out and drink it cold in a large amount…. Well it will lead to digestive problems and in a long time it would lead to probable allergies to milk. Who would have thought.

If you put anything into the digestive system prior to exercise (this includes water) it will not be digested and will disturb prana, this creates disease. The prana named Samana is responsible for digestion. By messing up this as well as imbalancing the other 4 Pranas, you will disturb the digestion and as part of that, the downward flowing prana, Apana will not flow downward and will create disease.

From a western lens it is easy to see that all your blood goes to the digestive system for the digestion to happen. If you then exercise you pull the blood from the digestion and circulate it, leaving the digestion stopped and the food then is turned into toxins in the body. It is not then digested. It turns into toxicity in the system at the best and at worst turns into bodily tissues that are improperly created due to the incorrectly processed or unprocessed nutrients.
This then turns to stuff like cancers and other diseases. Then we think that all of a sudden, out of no where, disease strikes. Doesn’t work that way, ever.

There are people out there claiming that they know about yoga. They are teaching information from a western idea of what they think yoga is, thats all. They see no problem in mixing the two worlds but they have not even started to understand the science to try be able to mix them. Incompatibile mixture cause aama. What you are left with is completely western lenses looking at what they are calling yoga. It is not. It is actually disease forming as you can see from the example above.

The yoga therapy world is nothing but the same. They are learning western medicines ideas of treatment if diseases. This is not yoga. Yoga is based upon a world of prana.


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