In the midst of the spiritual materialism

What we know is that human beings can receive the keys to secret knowledge either through divine inspiration or from a qualified teacher. No one can succeed in obtaining it without divine grace. The flow of grace is known as initiation in occult and spiritual literature and a life that is real in its spiritual pursuits and is symbolized in various ways. An inner preparation is required to receive the higher knowledge and this involves great discretion. Confidentiality is always essential because the knowledge thus imparted reveals the subtle powers of nature. This is why these teachings are not out in the masses, they are esoteric by nature. These can be used for the good of humanity or to cause harm. The symbols revealed to spiritual aspirants have thereby a dual purpose, both to teach and protect the knowledge. When the aspirant; reaches a certain level of awareness, he is entrusted by the universe, with just plain luck of the life one has been given, in the place in their journey in that life where the crossroads meet, and a real teacher that has the actual wisdom, with the teachings to unravel the meanings of these symbols and knowledge. Thus the same symbols and knowledge reveal different levels of meanings to different grades of aspirants. They are capable of unveiling nature’s secret forces and at the same time they obscure this knowledge if the right preparation has not been made.

The ancient seers gave us philosophy, religion, mythology and such spiritual practices as yoga, mantra and tantra that are not what is being taught to the masses as nothing more than exercise, speaking with egoic intentions, and irresponsible (unable to respond) expression and excuse to excessive partaking of pleasure in the name of spirituality.

Usually, the majority of people in the masses are neither interested in such subtle knowledge, nor is it relevant for their pursuits in life. i.e. they are not on a spiritual path in life, they think life is about money, pleasure, and having fun. The imparting of this knowledge is only useful and accessible only to those conscious individuals ready to receive it and apply it in their daily lives and walk the path of fire for fire is the only path of transformation. For those such students who are, by luck of birth, by gods grace, and by fruits of past karma, ready…. the whole system of knowledge is necessary, not merely one branch or a piece of it.

You will not find any of these deep teachings in any book on the New York Times best seller list nor will you find it in any yoga studio or 200 hour course. These teachings come from studying the actual ancient texts, having that teacher who is able to teach this wisdom and the capacity to live and experience behind the wisdom, under the wisdom, in the realm where this wisdom lives.


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