We all desire to be happy. We all desire to be healthy. But today what will deliver us these desires are twisted beyond recognition with our actions driven by fear and the misinformation and disinformation of the modern world.

is happiness having instant gratification being fulfilled? Is what is healthy just what one person deems healthy as per their perspective or is there more to all of this?
Have we lost all our marbles and everything that has knowledge and structure behind it is being thrown to the follies of irresponsibility? (Lack of ability to respond in a beneficial manner)

fulfillment of your desires don’t lead to happiness as most people today in the world think.

wrapped up in the mayhem of that drive is a lot of suffering when you realize that there is only more and the grass is always greener. Most desires are just fears in disguise as the driving force behind those desires. This path is one that just takes you further and further from knowing oneself in the end and the path back becomes an arduous one.

The further you get from your knowledge of yourself the less morality you have, the less compassion you can feel, the more dishonest and gluttony you are. The ignorance and darkness grows like a thick wet blanket being put over you. This is not happiness. Really. This is not fulfillment either.

The big joke of the whole thing is that once you get to the point of realizing this, normally it is much to late for your health or happiness and most give up instead of working back to health morally and ethicality.

Health of the body is also health of the mind, they are inseparable. It is said in the Siva Samhita of Yoga as well in Charaka Samhita of Ayurveda that a person with jaundice see through yellow eyes. They see through the lense of their disease. If you take a look out there, with any kind of truth, you see how diseased your/our world is. With so much ignorance covering what is beneficial and what is not. There is no template or rule book given in this age as to any of it (so most are just making it up as they go) and since most in the west have grown up without any sense of ethics of a worldly sense and more ethics only being directed by a narcissistic sense of what is right for me forgetting that you share this earth with others (we all bleed red blood and we all breath the same air), we are left only with nothing but a mess of what you should consider a sociopathic society.

It is not to late to turn it all around. True happiness is right in front of you, in back of you and all around you. You just need to get out of your mind, out of the busyness that distracts you from actually seeing, from feeling, from actually living your life. It is the first step.

The first step in yoga is the yamas and niyamas. They are five ways of being in the world and five ways if being to yourself, basically. Each of them are just aspects of the same thing. Being a human being. We don’t even realize what it is to be human anymore. These are not difficult ways of living. They are not weird or religious. They are simply foundational ways if being a real live human.

The first one, ahimsa, nonviolence, is the most important due to the fact that it is based solely on the one thing that separates us from animals. Choice. We have the choice to be nonviolent, animals do not. The idea of this goes pretty deep though.

A easy way to go through life by this is simply the golden rule, remember that one? Do unto others as you would have them do unto you. Pretty simple.
There is the obvious violence towards another in action. This is the gross level. But it goes much more subtle. Speech would be the next level with watching your tongue. The next level is the level of thought. The more subtle the more powerful one is. When you control your thoughts you control the world.

it is also said in yoga and Ayurveda that the tongue is the most important organ to control as it is functional for what is tasted in the world and what is said or in other words what is coming in and turning into you and what you are putting out into the world.


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