Prana is energy. It is life-breath. It is the life-principle.

If Prana departs from the body, we call the condition death.

In yoga, there are ten Pranas

There are five main Pranas, viz., Prana, Apana, Samana, Vyana and Udana.

There is only one Prana. It assumes five names categorically according to the functions it performs.

Prana does inhalation and exhalation.

Apana does the functions of nutrition and excretion.

Samana does the function of digestion.

Vyana does the function of circulation of blood.

Udana does the function of deglutition. It takes the individual during sleep to the heart. It separates the astral body from the physical body at death.

Prana vibrates, and the mind begins to think.

Prana is the link between the astral and the physical bodies.

Prana, Apana, etc., are gross forms of Prana.

Psychic Prana, which generates thought, is subtle.

The eyes, the ears, the nose, the skin and the tongue do their function through the force of Prana.

Prana is responsible for all the sensory and motor functions of the body. (Basically all the physiology working correctly together.)
The mind and the organs rest in Prana during sleep.

Prana vibrates on Akasa. Air, fire, water and earth are produced.

Prana is the oldest part of existence for it starts functioning from the very moment the child is conceived!

Even during sleep it functions, when mind and other organs are at rest.

Prana gives vitality. It is the vital force.

Cosmic Prana is Hiranyagarbha.

The smile on the face, the melody in the music, the charm in the speech, the lustre in the eyes, the power in an oration, are due to the force of Prana.

Be careful in the income and expenditure of Prana. Conserve Prana.

Fire burns through Prana. Wind blows through Prana. Rivers flow through Prana.

Prana is magnetism. Prana is electricity.

Prana is expended in thinking, willing, acting moving, talking, etc.

A strong and healthy man has an abundance of Prana or nerve force, or vitality.

The Prana is supplied by food, water, air, solar energy.

The excess of Prana is stored up in the brain and nerve centres.

When the sex-energy is sublimated, it supplies abundance of Prana to the system.

A real Yogi stores up enough Prana by regular practice of Pranayama. (pranayama is not breathing exercises as Chi Gung is not breathing exercises)

If you can control Prana, you can control all the forces of the universe.

If you control Prana, you can control the mind easily.

There is intimate connection between Prana, mind and semen.

If you can control your seminal energy, you can also control your mind and Prana.

If the Prana is controlled, all the senses also come under your control.

Breath is only an external manifestation of Prana.

At the end of the cycle all the forces that are in the world resolve back into the Prana.

Prana manifests as motion, gravitation, magnetism, electricity.

Nerve currents and thought force are manifestations of Prana.

Retain the breath and send the Prana to any diseased part of your body. The disease will be cured.

Store abundant Prana through the practice of Pranayama. Touch any diseased part of the body in any man. The disease will be cured.

The knowledge and control of Prana is what is meant by Pranayama.

He who has abundant Prana can move the whole world.

If you grasp or control the Prana, you can grasp or control all the forces of the world.

Prana is wasted through sexual indulgence. Conserve Prana through Brahmacharya and use it in meditation.

As the spokes are centred in the nave of a wheel, so also everything in this world is centred in Prana.

Prana is the universal life principle. It is the principle of energy or force. It is all-pervading.

It may be in a static or dynamic state.


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