Sense gratification in a living a beneficial life

A wise man should strive to restrain his organs which run wild among alluring sensual objects, like a charioteer and horses.

Those eleven organs which former sages have named, I will properly (and) precisely enumerate in due order,

(Viz.) the ear, the skin, the eyes, the tongue, and the nose as the fifth, the anus, the organ of generation, hands and feet, and the (organ of) speech, named as the tenth.

Five of them, the ear and the rest according to their order, they call organs of sense, and five of them, the anus and the rest, organs of action.

Know that the internal organ (manas/mind) is the eleventh, which by its quality belongs to both (sets); when that has been subdued, both those sets of five have been conquered.

Through the attachment of his organs (to sensual pleasure) a man doubtlessly will incur guilt; but if he keep them under complete control, he will obtain success (in gaining all his aims).

Desire is never extinguished by the enjoyment of desired objects; it only grows stronger like a fire (fed) with clarified butter.

If one man should obtain all those (sensual enjoyments) and another should renounce them all, the renunciation of all pleasure is far better than the attainment of them.

Those (organs) which are strongly attached to sensual pleasures, cannot so effectually be restrained by abstinence (from enjoyments) as by a constant (pursuit of true) knowledge.

Neither (the study of) the Vedas, nor liberality, nor sacrifices, nor any (self-imposed) restraint, nor austerities, ever procure the attainment (of rewards) to a man whose heart is contaminated (by sensuality).

That man may be considered to have (really) subdued his organs, who on hearing and touching and seeing, on tasting and smelling (anything) neither rejoices nor repines.

But when one among all the organs slips away (from control), thereby (man’s) wisdom slips away from him, even as the water (flows) through the one (open) foot of a (water-carrier’s) skin.

If he keeps all the (ten) organs as well as the mind in subjection, he may gain all his aims, without reducing his body by (the practice) of Yoga.


3 thoughts on “Sense gratification in a living a beneficial life

  1. I am learning so much from your posts; thank you for blogging! A question for you to answer at your convenience, as I’m sure you are very busy. Do you believe the spiritual path of women is different from the men’s path?

    • Men and women are obviously different. Masculine and feminine is within all of us. The path of knowledge is one with more of your questions being defined more I may answer better

    • Second reply before having a more distinct question…….
      Is a soul gendered? Is the mind not corrupted with identifications?

      On a very low level of evolution of a human, the gender questions and ideas and theories are all very important, and all come from the mind and its attachments, aversions and identifications. Everything about ego.
      On a very high level of spiritual evolution, it is not.

      Thank you so much for you readership and your question.

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