Worldly pursuit vs Yoga

Yoga actually is a serious business. No, not talking about the exercise we call yoga today. i am talking about real yoga. It takes complete and uninterrupted commitment (abhyasa) (sloka 14 of yoga sutras of patanjali).

Many people think that they can combine the pursuit of worldly ambitions with yogic discipline. If one does try to combine the two ideals they will surely be swamped with the worldly desires and activities and will only pursue the path of yoga in merely name. Just look around.

Circumstances and habits of past lives may not allow one to adopt a one pointed attitude all at once but one must work steadily and deliberately towards the end, eliminating eliminating one by one all the activities and interests which interfere with the main work or uselessly consume ones time and energy.

The capacity to throw oneself whole heartedly and persistently into the task that they have endeavored is a messed art qualification and shows the readiness of the soul to embark on divine adventure.


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