Vairagya = attraction

Vairagya is dispassion, desirelessness or non-attachment.

This is the second means to bring about the suppression if the citta-vrittis, the modifications of the mind. This is yoga 101.
The significance of vairagya is only totally understood after the full study and understanding of the kleshas.

The word vairagya is derived from raga which is the attractions that arise due to pleasure derived from an object. It therefore means the absence of any attraction towards objects that give pleasure.

Look into the defects of sensual life. You will develop vairagya.

Why absence of attraction only? Why not repulsion as well? Attraction and repulsion are the opposites of each other and solidify the soul to objects the same. Creating karma, attachment and of course, it creates the spinning mind or modifications that keep one from experiencing their self.

Dvesha or repulsion is really included in the entire understanding of vairagya. It is just and opposite reaction of attraction and carries the same attachment.

Vairagya liberates man from bondage. It is the ultimate virtue born only from discrimination only.

It is not “all good” and other bypass cliches that are stated in the modern spirituality world. Discrimination helps you and will become permanent. Without vairagya, not even an iota of spiritual progress is possible. This also means that discrimination is absolutely needed.


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