Sa tvasmin parampremarupa.

Bhakti is of the nature of the perfect love for the divine. Narad says that the devotion is of the nature of the perfect love. For great souls like Narada, who have attained, perfection, this is experiential. This cannot be defined or described by mere words. Words can convey some sense of shared experiences. Those who have not experienced that perfect love for the divine cannot be made aware of the experience by mere words. Narad gives some hints by using analogies of the daily experiences of the common people.

Bhakti is like love at its lowest. People experience love, which occurs between men and women. Worldly love contains desire and lust. When it is free of desire and lust completely it becomes Bhakti (or devotion). Worldly love can happen between two people but the perfect love, where lust and desire are completely absent, does not require any object. Such perfect love is not ‘for’ anyone.

That is the reason Narad does not mention Ram, Krishna, Ishwar, Brahman – he says – for him “HIM” means everything else than “I”. Perfect love for ‘Him’ is the nature of Bhakti.

This is the experience of Sat, Chit, Ananda – Upanishads call it ‘Brahman’.


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