Vairagya and desire

Sutra 15 of the Yoga Sutras

“The consciousness of perfect mastery of desires in the case of one who has ceased to crave objects, seen or unseen, is vairagya. ”

Vairagya is the seconds means of suppression of citta-vrittis. Vairagya is derived from the root raga which is the attraction which arises du to pleasure from any object.

Attraction and aversion are the opposite sides of the same coin. They both bind the soul to karma.

The alternation of attraction and repulsion between two individuals who are attached to each other shows the underlying relation of attraction and repulsion and their common derivation from attachment.

Nonattachment, which means freedom from both attraction and repulsion correctly expresses the underlying meaning of vairagya.

Raga and dvesha are two huge driving and disturbing forces which are incessantly creating vrittis pin the mind.

in early evolutionary development, desire is the main driving force And development of the mind takes place almost solely as a result of the constant driving force to which it is subjected by desire.

In later stages of evolution, other factors come in and desire is changed into will. This will becomes the main driving force in evolutionary development.

Please take from this that everyone is in a different stage of development. Most people are not spiritually inclined just by whom they are fundamentally. It is only by the constant living of the path that transformation occurs. The environment has to be conducive to the transformation as well.

If one is in an abusive relationship, they are under constant protection and attack. This is an obvious example of a environment that will not allow for growth to be possible. You can then take the energy of this example sand extrapolate it to various situations with culture and environment.

In the west we think that creating mindfulness around not being attached is the game. This is exactly that, a mind game. The embodiment of vairagya comes when it is time in the individuals life. The environment is part and parcel of the equation. The same is said for celibacy. It is only vowed when one is ready. This is the very reason why you see the perversion in the catholic priests dis to taking vows that they are not actually in the correct stage of development to take.


This also weak volumes to why yoga has been turned into the joke that it is in the west where all of the path is open for interpretations and to bd changed to fit ones desires. Kinda of the opposite to the actual wisdom don’t you think?


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