Paradigm, perception, judgement, free will, growth, love and loss, and history – part five

There is several more parts of the entire paradigm thing.

Possessions. Just think about the name. That which possesses you.

This is a huge piece of it all. We in america collect stuff and try to own properties and land. We think it somehow makes us something, like stable, on a huge rock, hurtling around a giant fire ball that also is hurtling through space. Silly huh. with all of this possession stuff it just is to create identity. This identity is completely false and only hinders someone from any experience of themself. Really. It is baggage. Heavy, cluttering, identifying baggage. No spiritual progress can be made this way.

So why and what is the deeper cause?

The “buzz”

There is this energetic buzz. This ungrounded continuous pulse of “forward fear based, leaning into the future, not good enough, stress, gotta earn, go, go, go, create, make, manifest, sell, earn, goals…………etc…..” in America. It is what America is based upon. You cannot get away from in on this soil. Everywhere i have been in the U.S. it exists. Being in it, it affects you. It affects your health, the way you sleep, how your mind works, your decisions and most of all, it keeps you from doing anything that will get you more connected to your self and disconnected from it. This is why it is almost impossible for most people to sit and meditate for any real length of time.

Just as going to a dance club and coming home afterwards, the buzz makes you unconsciously all reved up and act like you are full of adrenelin. Just as going into Ikea, Costco, or Mac stores will absolutely send anyone loopy. It is in the environment. It is the energy of the location and its residence. So how do you get out of that buzz. The best way is to go spend a lot of time in nature. Going to the trees and spending lots of time there. Going to the beach, certain spaces that are energetically clean and connecting with the earth. It is truly not enough as this buzz is in the environment. You would have to move to another country to escape America’s buzz but a new location would just have its own pros and cons. As you spend more time out of the buzz, you gain clarity of perception. Caveat, the more clear you are the more you will see the world for what it is. Truth can be hard to swallow sometimes.

Funny enough, i think that this all comes basically down to the radically ordinary and the way we live our lives in lifestyle and what we put into our bodies as well as the state of complete health. (not from a western paradigm of health) The mind and the perception is only as healthy as our ability to follow what we know is right and not to make un-beneficial or unhealthy choices ever.

Was talking to a friend about this……She has for a couple years now, after coming to do treatments and work with me for a couple weeks straight everyday, she has done sun salutations, the correct way, everyday. Every day. Not missed one. She has been eating as best as she had learned from me. She changed her entire life and health. She even moved to Puerto Rico and lives out in nature. Away from big cities and now experiences life everyday. She had two brownies at a dinner she went to because she didn’t want to be rude. She skyped me later, thinking she was going to die. I assured her that she would but i didn’t think it would be from the brownies and we talked about why she was experiencing something that she used to have no effect from like this. The healthier and clearer and purer you get, the more you feel, see, and experience the world. In all kinds of ways that I cannot even talk about.

We don’t realize depth the disease state that we consider normal in the west.

Do you wanna change your paradigm?

Learn something new that has depth. Experiencing the studies not just an intellectual process. Learning anything new inspires life. Specially language and cultural stuff.  You want to experience new…… get rid of your toilet and put a porcelain hole in the ground like what they have all over asia. Now notice your response to my statement. I am guessing but probably either the husband won’t allow me to do that or just that you wouldn’t do that. Both of which and every other response except yes, I am going to do that….. are what stop us from experiencing the world. Little do you realize that the toilet idea is for many reasons. squatting to go might be difficult in the beginning but soon your body becomes accustom to it. It is the healthy and proper position for having a BM as sitting on a toilet stops the Bm from completely happening and the rectum cannot empty. Not only this but the weakness in your legs as well as most peoples gets strengthened, that medial knee weakness that connects with the tight lower back. Well, by squatting the lower back opens as well and the internal actions of the musculature like abdominals and how it all works to have the BM works properly. The benefits are beyond words. The mind actually changes with the tension releasing from the hips low back and thighs. The calves also end up opening. All of this of course takes time. Now i am not telling you to go do this but using it as an example. I have many many many of them that are the exact same. Physiologically healthy for the body but would make one uncomfortable because they would have to give up luxuries that they have only known. We are extremely blinded in the West. (our comfy beds are another. try sleeping on the floor with a few blankets under you. Once again, healthy for our bodies, but will create unpleasantness until we get used to it. ) So how to bring some new into your life????????????????????? My first answer to you would be stop going out to eat at restaurants from reading this sentence till death. Take some cooking classes and learn ayurveda. I have stuff to send you to learn it if you want. If you see why i have said this, it creates newness in almost all the categories that i have mentioned about. To live the same paradigm, nothing can ever be new. another little bite……

There is a piece of the go, go, go, stuff that is very clear. The “western” cultural paradigm (I use that term generally for the world culture at this point) has their energy displaced everywhere in time and space, mostly in the head as we believe we are the mind and very forward into the future or leaning forward even. This is seen in the posture as well. Lack of grounding. All of this is from the fear and not being enough etc…….. Well, what if you were to go to the Amazon and not have anything to do. No tourism, nothing but eat, and sleep. And I don’t mean sleeping the day away. Literally, what would you do if there was nothing to do. This is something to sit with for a very long time. Then sit with it more. There is nothing to do almost every day yet we continually make ourselves busy. Some do it out of fear of paying bills and rent and food. others do it to be better and to make more money out of fear of security. Several clients of mine have enough money for maybe 8 or 9 generations but they still work their lives away or work themselvesto death. None of this is living. We get busy and cant even see anything, to busy, to fast, gotta hurry. It is all really a masqurade. None of it is real. There is only this very second, that is all. ever. there is no future or past. That is concept of the mind. It is funny, our society is so material proof and scientific verification oriented yet there is no proof of past or future. There is evidence of past but it is only seen and experienced in the very second of now. So back to the original question………. how to add some new to your life……. every second is new. when we are all of the things I have mentioned in this and other emails nothing is new. Human beings don’t really want change. We build comfort and think it gives us stability. How many people eat the same thing all the time? How many fruits and vegetables are there in a normal grocery store? 15 of each and they are found throughout the entire country.


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