WTF is integrity? Authenticity?

Lance Armstrong is stripped of his titles, sued, and pretty much has lost everything. Yet in a much more ethical and moral area, John Friend is let off because of who knows why and continues to teach. Makes you say hmmmmmmmmm?

Rodney Yee of years ago cheating on his wife with students and he continued to teach as well as be backed by Gaiam making yoga videos.

Funny comparison though…… Since yoga has turned into nothing more than a religious dogmatic fascade to wear like Versace in the bible there was high prices to pay for false prophets.

is there anything actually authentic or real out there that is still breathing? Or has the world of spirituality just turned to the new green and it is nothing about sacred but more the sacred greenback.

And as the yoga teachers out there grow, just for a moment think about who is doing the teaching and what are they teaching.


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