Dichotomy and destruction

Dichotomy is a major theme in Michael Pollan‘s book, “The Botany of Desire” in which he details humanity’s attempt at controlling nature through large-scale production of food crops. He argues any attempt to bring control to a single variable in a natural system only results in more variables to which disorder and entropy will reign. Thus, all control is partial, temporary and largely illusory. Some farmers accept this and use strategies like crop rotation, variety and secondary crops which complement their main crops with beneficial insects and such. Other farmers try to sustain monocultures, which is the ultimate attempt at order among chaos, and must depend on chemicals or genetic tampering to defend against encroaching disorder. Farmers who embrace the chaos are usually far more successful and less beholden to corporations, but can’t match the production or homogeneity necessary to supply restaurant chains.

Crop rotation has been done throughout history. There’s no need for all the chemical genetically modified things that are going on. Crop rotation has always been part of farming in cultures histories.

My question is, why is it that we cannot look at how things have always been done in the past? From milk being unhealthy because it’s not pasteurized? Give me a break. There are still cultures in the world that do not pasturize milk. Crop rotation has always been part of most cultures histories. It is only in today’s day and time where we try to mass-produce everything that we create the hazards that we have. As a population in the world grows we get more and more ignorant And throw the wisdom the has always been there out the door. That is part of it as well as in modern society, living life is about making money rather than having time to live.

Homogenization is the death of us all. It surely is the death of any authentic wisdom in the world.

Ayurveda has the same idea. Whenever you change one little variable without the knowledge of all the variables we create disease. Only dealing with a symptom does not heal the root problem. If one was to know what the real problem was the disease can be cured. Allopathic medicine does not have the sight to see anything but a symptom so it can only treat symptoms. Just because you are out of pain does not mean that the real root problem does not still exist. It will just find a new pathway as Michael Pollan is stating.


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