Humility and love

For me being humble is not being subservient to outside circumstances, being humble is allowing me to sense that to which I am a part of (the universe / Divine )  This sensing allows me to experience a part of the vastness of this universe of which I’m just a minuscule part.   Yet no matter how minuscule I appear I’m here and a part of this vast and phenomenal universe.  My experience sensing the vastness of the universe and my very small part opened me to a feeling of gratitude for that great force that lets me be here.  The experience heightens with gratitude to show not only the vastness of the universe but the beautiful complexity as well.  Sensing the complexity evokes an appreciation for I’m a part of this vast complex beautiful universe, and with appreciation of that simple fact that I’m a part of all this comes a connection by that universe to me I can only describe as love.  With that touch by the universe bringing a spark of love to my being the cycle starting with being humble, feeling gratitude, evoking appreciation repeats with greater intensity.   Imagine gaining more love as you age.  While the physical body fades the love intensifies.


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