The yogic path

The path of yoga appears very fascinating in the beginning and many are the people who are caught by its glamour and make a start in hopes of plucking its fruit in a very short time. But of those who enter the path, only a microscopical minority are able to make good progress. Even those who have the courage and perserverence to continue are very few in number. The vast majority aid aspirants drop out sooner or later, giving up the practice completely or keeping up a semblance of mere external forms as soon as the glamour wears out. They either come to believe that it is all moonshine or manage to convince themselves that the conditions in the present life are not favorable and they postpone the effort to the next lifetime when they vainly hope that circumstances are better. Leaving out the cases where karma actually interposed a real obstacle in the path if the aspirant the real cause of discontinuing the practice is, in the vast majority of cases, the lack of spiritual maturity without which no successon this path is possible. The world And it’s pursuits have still a great deal of attraction for most people and they are not prepared to make the sacrifices which are demanded of this patInauthentic most common way it plays out in the west is bending the actual nessesities of the path to ones bias and opinion (“yoga is whatever you want it to be”)o that no discomfort is Frankenstein so that they appear to the world as a yogi, which is just more identification.


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