Paradigm, perception, judgement, free will, growth, love and loss, and history – part two

The way you look out of your eyes, the way you percieve the world, is your unique reality based upon so many variables from societal perspective, your basic cultural ways and it’s history, your familial ways and it’s history, to your own unique experiences. This is why what you perceive outside of self is what is maya (illusory). How can you see what another sees? How could you ever feel what another feels? How could you ever understand what it is to be in another’s shoes? Being in their shoes would be just another illusion from your mind or idea of what it would be like to be them.

People are individual, just as a personality is. It is unfathomable to think that you could possibly be able to experience another’s experience. We can stand next to someone and watch a sunset but it is still our personal experience and not one of “the other”. Yet, we ignorantly think we do share experiences and create judgements upon what our basis of reality is, most without ever even trying to understand what another’s view and paradigm is.

It is important to preface the idea of paradigm with the idea that you are in your own prison. Your history has put you there. Your family has put you there with what they have taught you. The bias of your past experiences and what you have given meaning to have created the walls that define you, keep you safe and keep you in ……. sanity. It is truly insanity that is what has been described though. Just because everyone else has bought into the same game culturally or societal, doesn’t make it correct, right, beneficial in anyway, healthy, real, authentic, or even sane. In fact, the more popular something is, the more likely it is insane, unhealthy, mind numbing and dumbing, or simply a way to bypass or escape the deep work that needs to be done to grow.

Imagine for a moment, just a moment if you could what it would be like to be a slave and I mean a real slave back in history. An African who was stolen from their home land, family, tribe, and culture and then sold as if you were something to be possessed, a piece of meat. The truth is, you can’t. Even a black person of today cannot come close to actually being able to be in the shoes and know what it would have been to be a slave in that time. The same would be said for what it would be like to be a Jew back in the holocaust. Just imagine. Once again, you can’t really. Unless you were actually there and living it. Unless you were that very being. How about what it would be like to be an Indian (Hindu) during the time the British took over India. You can’t. Even hearing stories of torture, or meat being thrown into the wells so that the vegetarian religion would have to consume meat, your country, your culture your religion being changed to the point where Indians were against Indians………. you still don’t know what it would be like.

You live in a paradigm of today, time wise, and it colors how you can perceive. It is the sharpness and hue of the lenses you look through, it is the depth that you can ………be. Your depth is only to the level of the experience you have been through and the amount of understanding that has been brought to those growing times.  This is your paradigm. In all three of these examples above, you might be saying, yet I can feel their pain because I am human. I can feel the pain by hearing the stories……….. Well, No. You can feel your reaction to their stories of pain. It is still your pain and not theirs.

Perception is limited. The only unlimited perception is through other sources of knowledge; scriptural testimony, inference, and reasoning. Direct perception is flawed. As I have stated above it is created from a bias. There are problems with direct perception;

– does a child that has never seen a dog know what it is? No. Not until those of past (elders) hand down the knowledge (scriptural testimony) that this is a dog.

– an object being to close to be perceived (“if it were a snake it would bite you”). If a book is held to close to the face it is impossible to read or another example …. can a woman see her own eye make up?

– another is when the object is to far away to be perceived or outside ones perceptive abilities……. what about a small bird flying way up in the sky out of sight? Does that mean it is not there?

– if there is an obstruction, this is another way objects become out of our perception.

– objects obstructed can be due to physical as well as our own mental sub-conscious reasonings. It has been scientifically proven that sounds have been lost to hearing post trauma, corresponding to sound frequencies to that of traumatic stimulus be it the frequency of someones voice… etc….

– weakness of our senses to perceive due to age, over use, under use, or mainly misuse will create a inability to perceive correctly as well.

– a distraction of our mind can bring a misperception of an object. With how busy people run around daily we have called it “Being Present” when someone actually pays attention with a focus (what a joke and a tragedy that we think this is spiritual). If you are too busy you can’t even see the roses to stop to smell them.

– confusion with another object of perception clouds perception as well. How many times have you used the wrong key because they look the same?

– if an object is over shadowed by another object it may go unnoticed to the perception.

– when the object is too subtle for an individual’s depth of perception the perception will be wrong as well. This all said, do you perceive the radio waves that play music through your stereo or do you perceive the waves that your mobile phone works from. Perception is limited. If someone knows what smoke from a fire looks like (due to past knowledge from other sources), they can infere that the smoke that is coming up from behind that hill means that there is a fire there.

I might also add that if you are in your head, (as most Americans are) there is no way to feel anything, as it is all concepts up there. Real compassion comes from the body. It is energetic. You can sense it, from the body. Yet, it is still of a perception. Still from the subjective place. This subjective place remains a very small view the more imprisoned you make yourself. The more you bind your mind and perception into what is popular and safe, the more you believe… what you are told, without questioning……. the less you feel, the less you experience, the less your ability to judge, discern, and grow is. As I have already stated, our perception is the hues we can see and the world that is painted before our eyes. Those hues are only colors of the history we have experienced. The vastness of the palette is only as to the contrast of how much we questioned, battled, and lived the pain or grief of those historic times. I don’t say “love” here because good times don’t teach lessons. They are more the times to catch your breath and recover before diving back into the vast growth experience. It is only in the pain, the discomfort, that we grow (hence, “growing pains”). The good times and comfort are just luxury and it makes you fat and happy. Ignorantly happy. It isn’t bliss, it is just ignorance. Notice this is true in relationships as well. Those that you have gone into the trenches with and into battle are the ones you have bonded and grown with.


3 thoughts on “Paradigm, perception, judgement, free will, growth, love and loss, and history – part two

  1. Religion is for people who believe in heaven and hell. This is for those who have been there and back.

    • Yes, I have a bumper sticker that is the same but slightly different though. It Says religion is for those who are afraid of going to hell, spirituality is for those who have been there.

    • That was YOUR bumper sticker?! Too funny. I couldn’t remember it exactly but it was the first thing I noticed when I arrived at your studio the first day. That, and the sunrise.

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