Paradigm, perception, judgement, free will, growth, love and loss, and history – part three

Karma is karma. It is like the law of gravity. It just is. It has no “good” or “bad”. You, in your mind and your perception, have associated that with it. That is all. It would be like saying time is bad or space is good. No, they just are. So now we are starting to see that our perception is the prison. Then we judge our prison. Like we are supposed to have some other karma than what we do. This is arrogance and ignorance and all suffering is born only from ignorance. If you were to lose your house to a fire….. all of your belongings, all of your possessions……..were lost, most people would freak. We really don’t want moksha (liberation), since this is truly what that is. We only want what makes us feel good, and do our best to stay away from the stuff that hurts or doesn’t make us feel good. More judgement and lack of perception. This spiritual liberation is not a bliss bunny, everything is good, by pass state but rather… one of fire. The fire only hurts as much as our resistance and ignorance, it burns away only as deep as we let go to (moksha) and are liberated by it.

Our judgement is a tricky one. Everyone has judgement and only a fool doesn’t use theirs. It has become a false and faulty idea in the Western world of spirituality that judgement is a bad thing and should be destroyed along with the ego. Yeah right, who do you know that has achieved that? Really. Has worked so well, huh? Just as more evidence, in jyotisha, or vedic astrology, which is another sister science to yoga and ayurveda, Guru, the planet Jupiter, is all about judgement. Everyone has a Jupiter in their chart. Everyone has judgement. To not use it is to cast your self into ignorance and darkness. Judgement is what creates knowledge. It is the information we take in through our senses that we then create discernment from. This discernment created information is then is used in our actions and creates experience of which we then make more judgement on. This cycle goes on and on (hopefully) and creates our personal encyclopedia of knowledge and our belief system, everyone has one. It is through the judgement that wisdom is produced. The churning of experience with judgement, yes, judgement, creates discernment. This discernment lived is wisdom. is only the churning of the belief system in place, the shaking of the very foundation of it that creates wisdom. That wisdom is tied to the perennial truth of what is and how the cosmos works. It is said that it is the very heart of all religions and philosophies.

The fact that the human race is constantly at war with each other is just proof to the fact that we (society) are so far from living any thing much higher than an animal. This is judgement that has been stopped in its progress to creating wisdom. There is no way to jump to end game, ever. That is just a bypass of the human experience. It can be said in the same way that everyone has a body, to deny it is simply foolish. The work needs to be done, the human experience must be lived, how deeply, that is a choice and a choice that is only made with awareness. The more that is experienced, through judgement and action, then grown into wisdom is also balanced with the amount that one has free will. It is only with knowledge that one can make choices that will effect their outcomes.

In darkness and ignorance we just continue to be done by life or lived by life in pain and suffering with glances of joy and happiness. We think we are making choices but in reality it is the lack of awareness and knowledge that keeps us stuck in our paradigm and not having free will and living life. This has been written to explain what needs to take place for a paradigm shift. If you live a culture and never experience another, what are you doing? Get uncomfortable, travel. Live and learn. Learn a new language. It is our small prisons that confine us and slowly choke us to death with the very limited scope of existence we live in them. Don’t grow old early. Question your beliefs as you look around and see someone or a culture doing something different.


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