The nondual bypass bliss bunny

The wise man by studying nature enters into the unity through its variety, and realizes the personality of God by sacrificing his own. ‘He who knows himself knows Allah’ (Islamic Saying). ‘The Kingdom of God is within you’ (Bible). ‘Self-knowledge is the real wisdom’ (Vedanta).  


Life starts by distinguishing between the two; life starts us in this way. If we did not distinguish between the two and we arrived at that conception, we would be missing a great deal in life. It is after distinguishing these that, without becoming congested, we may come to the idea of unity which raises us above it all. For instance, when a person says that all is bliss or everything is good but then can’t stomach someone having a differing opinion from their own and only surrounds themself with others that will support their view, they have missed a great deal. But the one who can have a conversation with someone without them having the same opinion, not agreeing and rising above it has really closed his eyes; he is the person who deserves to close his eyes from the other side.


The purpose of our life on earth is to come and see all the distinctions and all the differences, but not to be congested by them and so to be thrown downwards. We should go on rising above them all, at the same time experiencing them all. For instance a man may say, ‘I have never thought about anyone who has done me any good, and I have never considered any harm that has ever come to me from anyone; I have always had just that one idea before me and after that idea I kept going’. He may be advanced, he may be spiritual, he may be pious, and yet he has missed a great deal. But the one who has received all the good that has come to him with grateful thanks and felt it, and who has also felt the harm done to him and forgiven and pardoned it, he is the one who has seen the world and is going beyond with success.


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