Moderation and responsibility for your actions

“A cart of normal quality and carriage comes to the stage of destruction, only after the expiry of a specific period; that cart if overloaded, is brokenness before thus expiry of specific period. ”

“The lifespan of a person with undefined span of life is destroyed even before the attainment of the normal span of life due to his own faults. i.e. lack of proper coorelation of the previous and present action”

– Charaka Samhita VS 3.38



This in itself says so much a thesis could be written upon it.





This is also transposed into so many areas. Exercise is the most obvious. Anything over ones capacity is going to do harm. This is pretty obvious. What is ones capacity though this is what is to be questioned. Western ideas don’t have clue as we have triathlon and all kinds of really quite absurd endurance sports. Just from the name endurance sports you should get that they are way at an extreme. Another one is extreme sports. Doesn’t it say enough?



Today, what is healthy changes pretty much yearly in the western world. In fact, because the health consciousness has grown so much in the last 20 years and connected to the growth of  the ease of information/misinformation of the Internet, health and what is healthy is now whatever someone thinks it is. This creates big problems. Without proper education people are taking health into their own hands? Scarry! Seriously.

Put this all next to the fact that integrity in education (specially in Ayurveda and yoga in America) has reach an incredibly depressing low and you have pretty much chaos.

You have a supposed surgeon on tv talking about all kinds of stuff not even related to allopathic medicine much less surgery. i.e. Dr. Oz

And while people are just blindly buying into it all, on the side he gets even richer by putting his name behind random supplement product, the public gets sicker and sicker and more and more confused as to what health actually feels like. the worst is that we are programmed to blames it upon something else outside of ourselves and ignore the responsibility of our choices and the consequences of them.



But who really blames the masses. Being blindly led to slaughter can’t be fun.


Everyone remember SOY?

Look at the “Western” research on soy and how’s it was to solve all hormonal problems for men and women alike. Funny enough, it took a decade but then “western” research showed just the opposite and that soy was detrimental to hormones and messed up both men and women.



Bottom line is this……….  Moderation is the key. Knowing your limits and not pushing them. It is a western concept that what doesn’t kill you makes you stronger. Wake up. What doesn’t kill you has just brought your health close to death and health is a long path back.


So confusing is the mass of misinformation out there.

Gonna get personal here. I have a friend who was diagnosed with brain cancer. They pulled out a huge tumor (3x4mm) with surgery. After much confusion on what to follow for treatment and some good long talks with me filling him in on treatment with Ayurveda, he decided to go with a raw food place in AZ that has supposed research and success with treatment of cancer. Now I just gotta say, from a much deeper vantage point than western medicine can see, Ayurveda would show that it is not going to cure most people. #1. a person needs to be treated as they are an individual. They are not a disease.

I had told him the expected results from an Ayurvedic view sand asked him to reconsider but he didn’t.

After several months of raw juicing and the chemo and radiation treatments as per the raw food place’s treatment……. his tumor is growing back. He is now to frail ands weak to fly to India to do real Pancakarma(because real Pancakarma is not being done in America, any practitioner would be an idiot to take him on with the lack of  education given here.)



Funny enough, I met a man the other day. He walked up to me and said you are studying Ayurveda. I said yes, how did you know? He replied that he had heard from someone…… Blah blah blah…… I asked him how he knew of Ayurveda. He replied that back in 1994 he was diagnosed with cancer and was given 3 months to live. He did Pancakarma in India and it was gone. I must say that this surprised me as well, this man looked extremely healthy compared to most people.

This is not the first story I have heard from people about their “western miracles” of Ayurveda getting people out of some deep holes.


In this day and age the smoke is thick the teachings are distorted and you have wolves in Sheep’s clothing pretending to be teachers.


Find moderation, find balance, find responsibility and with gods grace you will find true teaching and true wisdom.

Best of health..…


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