This method they called Yoga

When once one has renounced the world, rules and obligations are also rejected. This, is an ancient concept in India, often raises objections from people of little understanding. Men do seem to have floundered deeper into the delusion that as soon as rules and restrictions are not enforced, men will go wild and do terrible things. They entirely forget that one does not renounce the world for fun, though there were just as many cheats in the past as there are today, but generally a man took to the sannyasa life out of the depths of deep sincerity. What need could there be of rules for such a man? If there were backsliders, it was they themselves who suffered, for they not only lose their opportunity to attain real liberation, but will make bad karma which leads to more and more rebirth.

Yoga today in the West is devoid of any of this. We think yoga is an exercise. There is a new certification for teaching kettle bel yoga. No kidding, look it up. (  And people that have international names such as Srivatsa Ramaswami who could be keeping things authentic are selling out as well and are doing teacher trainings of 45hrs. (  He should be ashamed. As today we see yoga as exercise to look better. Wrong, that is not the path. Wrong direction. At best there are some people who think they are yogis because they go to classes alot with the newest top teacher, whom of which speaks in flowery language ( just more of what it has become. ) For sure it lacks any deep sincerity, for having that would lead them away from that world of externalized material spiritualism and into something real.

If you notice something about yoga……..its path ends in meditation to samadhi.

Not a nice butt or being able to do a posture fully.

Sannyasa is intended as a meditative life to attain the Absolute, and those who neglect this sole requirement must do so to their own loss.

There is only diversion from real purpose and the real path when living in communities. All the ancient texts except for the Siva Samhita speaks to this. Even Siva Samhita states that “even a householder can follow the path of yoga”, having to state something like that puts the path in clarity. A householder is normally not following a yogic life. They are very different. That is why this is stated in the text. The text further states that a householder following a yogic path can have a spouse and children but is needing to be able to be content in every situation, dispassionate, and able to renounce all inner attachments. I don’t know one person that has a family that can do either of those. Do you? It is not a householder path as all of the other texts state. The other texts all state that one should live alone until they had attained the goal. Their place of residence should only be a cave, hut, ruined building, or empty house, and always away from towns and villages. Shiva samhita also gives notes to the personality of a practitioner and what practice is good for each personality type but yet gives no understanding of those other practices. The text leaves many loose ends as far as I see. and it is the youngest of the ancient texts being of 18th century. 

And if you disagree with this statement, you are disagreeing from having the experience of having lived in a cave, hut, ruined building, or empty house, and always away from towns and villages to say that this is not the path?

Understanding the unfoldment of yoga you can how it has been falling away from its original roots since then. Just for kicks go to wikipedia and look up yoga ( As you can read for yourself, what the history of yoga is and what yoga is. Then you can also read, what yoga is today.

What yoga is:

jivatmaparamatmasamyogah, or the union between the individual self (jivatma) and the Divine (paramatma)

Your not gonna find this in a class at your gym or local yoga studio or even in our culture, and if you don’t believe it, just look around.

What yoga has become today:

Why would there be a medical section written about yoga, why would William Broad write a book on the risks of all this physical injury of yoga if what yoga really is was being practiced. This is just more to the externalization of the physical asana being turned into western exercise rather than only the second step of eight of Patanjalis Yoga.

I guess you cannot sell class cards to actual union.

Out of society and renouncing is the only way to live in harmony with the play of the Absolute, with the divine humour so difficult to understand. It is only man’s correct attitude to life which brings attainment. One who has attained samadhi, enlightenment, or nirvana is not going to try to change the world, because they are in the harmony, they see the harmony, they live it. To try to change the world it to step ut of that play and believe something that is not believable in that state…….. that something is not perfect, that they could do something about it or even desire to. The only thing they need to worry about is that the world does not change them. They would understand that samsara is being due to a man’s own living in the past, and it is only by changing themselves, a man can change his own world.

It is because of delusion that man thinks of himself and the world as enduring real forms. He thinks of himself as body, and this gives rise to ego concepts out of all proportion to their actual relative value. The modern “civilized” world encourages men to believe this. Education pretends it will give advantages for worldly success and teaches from a base of fear of failure and good and bad. It teaches competition and winning. It ignores the real task of education, which is to impart sufficient knowledge to enable one to have the ability and technique to earn a livelihood in adult life and to be a healthy human being. Instead, when modern education has been completed, the student finds he is unable to earn his livelihood unless some other person is prepared to employ him on a wages-for-labor basis. A few, such as artist, craftsmen, and writers, sometimes have the ability to break away from the general pattern, but these are exceptions, and for the majority, employment by others must suffice.

This is due to the conditioning and brainwashing of modern society, in which people lose the ability to think for themselves. It becomes a world where one must CONFORM and accept already accepted ideas, conventions, or patterns. Somehow the delusion of “progress” still persists, but in reality communities are becoming less and less free. The entire world of civilized men, actually artificial men (sheeple), becomes a regimented prison-house from which few can escape. It is a bondage due to the mental and physical approach to the world by people themselves. It is the prison of having mental concept and natural biases that you don’t even know you have…. or neither do you have the time to spend meditating all day or even the desire to explore them and break them down. There is a solution to all this, real yoga but we have turned it into nothing more than jazzercize or step aerobics. So where are you gonna find it? Not in the lastest book on yoga, guaranteed.

The foundations of the vedic/aryan way are actually tantrik, all this stems from a unique way of life, still very much alive, and which existed in India five, six or more thousand years ago. It did not actually have a name, but they referred to their teachings as the Sanatana Dharma or the Eternal Wisdom. They were the first people in known history to teach of the Supreme Reality and the reunion of man and God. They owed nothing to the Vedic-Aryans, for these people did not enter India until about 1500 B.C.E. Later, the pre-Aryan people were designated as Tantrik (independent or free), and their scriptures, the Agamas and Nigamas, were later designated as Tantras. Most of the Purana legends are of Tantrik sources, and not Aryan. The Bhagavad Gita, most popular and well known of Indian scriptures, is Tantrik teachings from cover to cover. The Tantriks taught a method for the individual to practice and hasten his attainment of realization and union with the Absolute. This method they called Yoga. 

You change it…. the results change too. It is a science, a system. Way old and has stood the test of time, and arrogantly and ignorantly you think you can just change it?

Aatmetu paramaatmeti jiivatmeti vicaarane Trayaanaam aikya-samshutir asdes’s iti kiirtitah


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