Why western forms of exercise theory and those new cool cleansing techniques are bunk and create disease

Preliminary/Primary Causes of doshas to leave koshta (digestive system and torso)

  1. Vyayam -> exercise (by means of western exercise theory) leads to excess circulation and that is how can vyayam lead to doshas moving from koshta (digestive system) to rest of body. This is the imbalancing of prana. Particularly in case of pathology/how disease takes place, the doshas move out from the koshta
    Ex. Exertion after eating: digestion stages are kapha, pitta, then vata stages – say person eats very kapha food – heavy oily food then exercises or has a high protein drink.Ex. Whenever we are in digestion, circulation and blood is focused in the koshta, but when we exercise, circulation carries all the doshas that are accumulated in the koshta out to the dhatus, so if exercise immediately after that food, and eat kapha increasing food, the dosha moving out will be kapha. If eating dry food, processed food, say like a clif bar or any dried energy bar, it will move that out into the dhatus and get dry joints and vata diseases etc. This is why asana is only practiced on a complete empty stomach after the bowels have been emptied.
  2. Ushna – heat dilates, so more circulation, more peripheral circulation as well. Western exercise is based upon excess exertion and bringing up the heart rate which is also raising the breath rate and this generates heat. It is the opposite as from what exercise is based in yoga and ayurveda. This is one example of why hot yoga is not in alignment with foundational principles of what asana is.
  3. Tikshna – sharp and penetrative meaning traveling more quickly – circulation.
    Ex. Alcohol – combined with food, increases pitta and takes food qualities more quickly out to the dhatus because of its tikshna. Because it quickly takes the doshas to the outer surfaces. Skin can become very thin, reddish, blisters, sunburn, broken capillaries – can be a form of rakta pitta (bleeding disorders). Alcohol itself is fast spreading and add anything to that it overwhelms. Skin around nose especially is very thin, just cartilage and skin so more damage is seen there with people that drink alchohol.
  4. Ahita Ahara (bad food quality, quantity, combining, or timing of meals) – leads to more increased doshas and so of course more to move out of its right place – long samprapti (occurring over time) When you combine foods for detoxing that have opposite qualities it creates incompatible foods such as the dried green powders and proteins and such in detox products. These drinks are also taken cold which makes them even more difficult to digest.



Stages of disease Pathogenisis

1.Chaya (accumulation) – 1st stage is slightly increasing doshas

2.Prakopa (aggravation) – 2nd stage is overfilling space of dosha

3. Prasara – 3rd stage is overflow from normal place of dosha, so this is why poor food combinations lead to doshas moving out of koshta

There are no symptoms in these stages yet

  1. Vata Vruddhi (imbalanced Vata) – many other factors of vata increasing –
    excess talking after or while eating is also a big cause of throwing doshas out,
    chinta/excess thoughts,
    all are causes of vayu increasing.Doshas may not be high, but these vayu increasing factors with food can also increase doshas out of koshta.Sidenote: Traditionally after death, the family wouldn’t cook for self for several days.



First Line of Treatment to get doshas back to Koshta.

these 4 are all the ways to treat disease
Ahara(food intake),
Aushadhi(herbal medicines),
PanchaKarma(proper cleansing eliminating and building treatments)


Most disease are caused by dosha Vruddhi

  • 80 diseases of Vata
  • 60 diseases of Pitta
  • 40 diseases of Kapha
  1. Srotasmukha Vishodhan (Shodhan) Opens the mouth of the srotas (channels) – Clearing the blockages of the srotas so excess will come back to koshta.
    1. Snehana – to make soft/loose. Medicated ghee is taken into body and wherever there is excess dosha in srotas it will try to liquefy. Taken orally and externally. Specific ghee with herbs internally, specific oils with herbs externally.

Swedana (heating/sweat)– then we steam to bring through movement to the koshta

  1. Deepana – Agni increasing including at dhatu agni
  2. Pachana – Digestion and digestion at the level of the dhatu. Pachana has such an important role that it is considered its own category as well as…

Shodhana – Cleansing through therapuetic treatment: Vaman/Vomiting – Kapha, Virechana/Purgative- Pitta or Basti, AKA Enema – Vata

If not doing panchakarma, we do either with deepana or pachana or with warm water, which is nothing but internal swedana

  1. Abhishandi (excessive moisture) Guna – Increasing doshas – When we do snehana and swedana in panchakarma only, there is a one day gap where no ghee or oiling is done, and during that day, we do more – more kapha increasing diet, because the snehana has already liquefied, so adding more quantity Curd Rice, if planning on Virechana, would eat Pitta increasing food like Papaya or other things. Because with a slight increasing dosha that you are trying to eliminate through vamana or virechana. Not done for basti because it is not done for one day, but rather for 8+ days. Vata does not have a physical structure to remove. It is not a gunatmak – no physical structure.
  2. Pachana/purification
  3. Controlling the Vayu – having a good state of vayu, bringing it to normalcy. Some diseases have all 3 doshas affected. Controlling vata is always the first priority because it is like curing and prevention both – prevents movement of doshas outwards. The body naturally attempts to correct itself. When slightly increased will come back, but when hetu (cause) continue to increase, the doshas cannot come back.


In the popular Western forms of cleansing “toxins” are loosened from their resting place and circulated throughout the body to then find a new place of weakness to create a new and deeper disease. There is no diagnosis of strength of a person to do whichever detox is performed. No signs to go by as to how much detoxing is the proper amount for that person as to the strength of that person. There is no signs to go by as to when a “detox” has been performed to the right amount and that it has been successful or not.

Deeper understanding from purely a Western science bases would look something like this..




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