Kundalini Arousal”The divine power,
the kundalini, shines
like the stem of a young lotus;
like a snake, coiled around upon herself,
she holds her tail in her mouth
and lies resting half asleep
at the base of the spine.”

The purpose of Hatha yoga techniques is to go beyond the dual, polar, conflicting, and fragmented limited existence of the ego and conceptual thought, to go beyond the mind, and to merge into the great harmony — the divine intelligence and source behind all of creation. Hatha yoga attempts at waking up our dormant potential and eliminating the habits of its repression or inhibition. Hatha yoga honors all the manifestation of life on the planet, the living, all of nature, and thus our own human body. Wholistic yogis believe that we can not acknowledge, respect, honor, and revere nature and life on the planet (as well as in other galaxies) without first honoring the life force (or nature) within us as living parts of nature.

In true hatha yoga then we purify, activate, and integrate our indigenous biopsychic inherent potential and place it in contextual conscious harmony with the great spirit or source of creation. We work with our animal powers and come to conscious terms with it in a living partnership, nay a living union, in order to become empowered and super-conscious spiritual animals understanding, communing, and integrating the spiritual source of all of nature in all our activities.

Through yoga we learn how to accept the responsibility of this freedom, consciousness, and power within the framework of living natural systems and regain the seat in the living atmosphere of our natural place. This activated superconscious biopsychic nervous system can be described as the activation of the kundalini, which in reality is merely the purification, activation, harmonization, and integration of our internal dormant pranic circuitries. Hatha yoga is the process of waking up the chakra system by raising kundalini (realizing our evolutionary potential) and thus we can not only transform our own body/mind complex and increase our vibratory rate, but enter into direct and conscious synergistic harmony with our light bodies or true original nature beyond conditioning, ignorance, limitation, or corruption.

This process can be gradual or sudden (rare) — conscious or spontaneous. Ancient Hatha yoga as taught by Siva and Shakti gives us myriad ways of understanding our true nature and fulfilling our destiny. All of the exercises and wisdom given to the yogis of the past have come from Siva and Shakti and more relevant teachings even still will be forthcoming to those who are listening, who are truly devoted to truth and nature — our true and natural self.

As stated above Siva and Shakti are not really separate rather their apparent separation through the signification of these prime polar opposites allows us to bring the world into manifestation (differentiation) and thus allow the creative play of differentiated consciousness: a vehicle or agency in which universal consciousness can manifest and witness its Self.

The teachings of kundalini lying dormant within the human biopsychic organism is an essential vital healing practice for the fruition of wholistic healing, ecological well being, world peace, self understanding, and the establishment of coherent vital consciousness. If future human beings, the inheritors of the new age, will manifest a material order in harmony with life and health or will manifest disease, conflict, and brutality is what is at stake. The former being the result of true insight while the latter being the result of fear, ignorance, denial, and confusion.

“At the top of the body, above the head,
there is the lotus with a thousand petals,
shining like the light of heaven:
it is the giver of liberation.
Its secret name is Kailasa,
the mountain where Siva dwells.
He who knows this secret place
is freed from samsara.


The opening of kundalini is the opening of the dormant transpersonal wheels or engines of life which exist beyond time yet inside of it as well. The context of life itself can only be understood within the greater context which includes both life and death while time and change itself can only be understood through the absolute. Hence our life must be seen as a conscious continuum; vital non-alienating healing systems of integrity must be exposed to our children from birth bestowing on them continuity.

As Ha represents Siva, then Ha also stands for the pingala (masculine or solar) nerve which starts at the left brain representing consciousness and intention, while tha represents the Ida nerve, which starts at the right brain of intuition and creativity. Ha, or the pingala nadi (nerve), corresponds to the right side of the body and crosses over to the left brain at the nostrils. Tha, or ida, manifests as the left nerve or left side of the body and crosses over at the nostrils to the right brain. The pingala and ida nerves are united at the muladhara chakra. They are brought inward and upward — integrated and harmonized thus activating the central column (the sushumna — the pillar of the world) or spiritual body. This arouses or activates the goddess kundalini (heretofore lying dormant). Pingala is symbolized by the river Yamuna, ida the Ganges river, while the central nerve, sushumna is often represented by the river Saraswati.

When ida and pingala are harmonized, our consciousness and intention (pingala) are integrated with our inner awareness, receptivity, intuition or true inner wisdom (Ida). Here consciousness and beingness unites — male and female and duality is destroyed. This energetic of resolving, integrating, and synchronizing the heretofore unintegrated and disparate energies is thus characterized by kundalini flowing in the central (non-dual) channel. When our conscious waking (also symbolized by pingala eneregtics) life no longer works in opposition to our unconscious (symbolized by ida) — when we no longer create the tensions, blockages, imbalances, distortions, dissuasions, and dissipations (which “normal” to an alienated, arrogant, artificial, limited, logical, and mere conceptual dualistic reality), but rather surrender to the divine non-dual reality that lies behind nature, all of creation, all the creative force itself; then allow ourselves to honor acknowledge, respect, and be governed by THAT above all else then our Ida and Pingala nerves no longer function as separate or disparate conflicting forces of tension, duality, and polarity thus giving vent to further evolutionary expressions and activations called kundalini energization/activation.

Here joy, peacefulness, and bliss are not the ends, but rather the results or symptoms of a harmonious and effulgent balance — of loving wholistic integrative harmony and mutuality. Here heaven and earth are unified in the biopsychic organism and all our activities increasingly. United in the true temple are spirit and matter, pure consciousness and nature, compassion and wisdom. Here we are in harmony not only with the body, the earth, the galaxies, the entire universe, and the heavens, but also with our highest creative potential beyond time and place. Here the True self abides. Only here we are fulfilled. Here we are at one – here “we are” the love and the peace and we become complete (santosha) for we have cast out the impurity of separateness, selfishness, coldness, and hurt.

Having synchronized and joined (not repressed) all dualities into the central column, all outflowings and dissipations having ceased, the kundalini rises from the muladhara to her rightful abode through the activated swadhistana where she is further moved upward through yogic practice activating the chakras (opening flower petals or turning the wheels) as she goes up until she embraces Shiva in the Sahasrara chakra (above the skull) where they remain reunited, as one, with no trace of duality (father/mother, Siva/Shakti, Consciousness and Being, eternal/temporal — all , united as one). As she raises up from one chakra to the next she sets in motion these energy systems in a spiral manner creating an ever accelerating energy waves, lights, sounds, vibrations, and dynamics until all the chakras are moving at once. All this the yogin hears, sees, and feels kinesthetically which may be experienced sequentially or all at once.

Here through yoga, not only are the inner circuitries of the body purified, activated, and integrated, but also then the unobstructed channels (nadis) are plugged into all of creation, to all the other meridians and energy circuits of creation, and to its timeless source. Here we embody universal spirit in the diversity of manifest reality — in REALITY they are not separate (only in dualistic illusion do they appear separate). Here we connect within the deep ecology of the universe, of nature, and all of creation by having expanded consciousness and being, to become one with her/him, whole, and fully empowered in life and love. Here through the upper gate we find the path to the spiritual heart, the heart of hearts, the hridayam.

In fact this is the process in which we learn who we really are and re-unite and rest within with that One consciously. In fact we are para-kundalini and there is nothing else but her. All else is illusion and separation. Here kundalini is expressed both within and without simultaneously without contradiction.

Through hatha yoga this greater communion is gradually deepened at a pace that we ourselves can govern. Body, spirit, consciousness, nature, and our true nature become as one. Impurities, poisons, artificial boundaries, self limitations, and blockages are herein removed. Prana, vayu, kundalini, Gaia, and shakti are no longer seen as independent fragments, but rather as being merged together within one interconnected dynamic living mutually synergistic omnipresent whole.

If we are to use the definition of being healed as being mended; being made whole; removing impurities, blockages, restrictions, dissipations, or principles of corruption; as a process of purification and transformation; of exorcising the demons of death, disease, stagnation, inhibition, limitation, ignorance, and repression; of activating our creative potential and creativity; of eliminating violence, harm, stress, tension, conflict, dichotomy, irony, confusion, and anxiety; of resolving duality and polarity; of dispelling illusion and falsehood while honoring truth and our true nature — then true yoga must always be seen as a valuable self healing system whose discipline must be equated with worship: the worship of and surrender to truth, life’s potential, and to the healing process itself.

If we assume that we are held in stasis through dysfunctional core belief systems that are in turn held together through the over dominance of left brain modalities (PINGALA), then in this context Hatha yoga is extremely intuitive, gentle, kind, sensitive, spontaneous, creative, and feeling oriented while the teacher is shakti herself. Here we learn by becoming aware, listening for the response, being responsive (response-able). Then we learn to move through the action of pingala (efferent nerves) in synch according to the information received from the afferent nerves (ida). This dance occurs not only during a yoga session but at all times – in all our relations. We, the students of life, heal best by creating a daily opportunity (time and space) for this balancing dance, harmonization, and healing to occur — by opening ourselves to her (shakti as teacher) possibility and presence — by acknowledging, recognizing, respecting and honoring her presence in all of life and nature – integrating it in a sense of continuity that includes both birth and death.



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