Vedic Astrology – Eyes to the soul

All things in the universe operate under the sanction of natural laws. The deep study of anything, whether it is mathematics, language, music, physics, botany or swordplay, brings about an understanding of God – of God as in active principle in creation. When it is performed out of devotion, it serves to spiritualize the consciousness of man. Astrology is known as the “Eyes of the Vedas” due to it being the study that more quickly than any other helps to spiritualize the consciousness of man and help him to see, or realize, the Veda, the supreme truth. No other study develops the intelligence and understanding more so than does the study of astrology.

For those of intellectual bent, the study of Vedic Astrology has much to offer. In my opinion, it is only for this reason that astrology becomes the most worthwhile pursuit. An individual who understands the principles of astrology, easily grasps the principles of all other things and is truly a man of knowledge.

Astrology in the West is looked as hogwash in most cases or it is something that you turn to the back pages of the latest issue of your fashion magazine or next to the comics in the newspaper to read. It is comical, not taken seriously and turned into the hogwash that it is seen as by the masses. The readings are so incredible general to a sign that in this it is incredibly wrong as to reading what is for the individual reading it and with this it just creates more of the misunderstanding, misconceptions, and disbelief that it is anything but hogwash. It is much of the same downward spiral of the superficial homogeny that is the curse of the western culture.

Vedic astrology is the modern name for an ancient system of astrology known in Sanskrit as “Jyotish” – “Jyoti” being light and “isha” being lord. Jyotish thus translates into “the Lord of Light” or “the Knowledge of Light”. Modern science now confirms that all matter/physical universe is based upon light and its interplays which would make Jyotish “the science of light”.

Vedic Astrology is a science dating back to more than 5000 years. Its earliest origins can however be traced back to the beginning of the manifest Universe. It passed down through the ages as an orally transmitted knowledge and formed an important part of the Vedas, one of the prime manuscripts containing the spiritual tradition of India.

Vedic Scriptures known as ‘Vedas’ describe Jyotish as ‘the Eye of the Vedas’. The world is always there but we cannot see it without our eyes – in the same way Jyotish is the light which illumines the universal knowledge encapsulated in the Vedas.

The Ancient Sages who according to Vedic Mythology are the mind born sons of Brahma (one of the Trinity, the Creator of the Universe in Vedic Mythology), were privy to the secrets and functionings of the Universe and transmitted their knowledge orally to their disciples.

The instructions of one such Sage by the name of Parashara were put into text around 3000 years ago. These writings form the backbone of present day Vedic Astrology.

Vedic Astrology is thus the earliest form of Astrology and is a system that has changed very little over the course of time. Its precision and accuracy as a divination science is unrivalled even today.

Its western counterpart, known as Western Astrology has its roots in the Roman civilisation. The Romans derived it from the Greeks who in turn derived it from the Egyptians.

Many scholars now believe that Astrology travelled to Egypt through the middle east (Babylonian culture). Babylonians had a strong connection with the Vedic civilisation flourishing in the northwestern region of the Indian subcontinent and so it can be said that their Astrology was very similar if not completely identical to Jyotish.

The modern day Western Astrology was deeply influenced by the Theosophical Movement. Theosophists as we know were channelling their information from the East – mainly India and Tibet. Somehow over the last century many faults crept into this evolving system such as the use of the astronomically innacurate Tropical Zodiac. This fact is fought hard by those of the Western method and they continue to hold as tight as they can to what science and facts show. Most Western astrologist dislike Jyotisha due to the fact that it is “too doom and gloom” as i have heard it put, but rather it is hard truth with the light it shines. Also in its distinct black and whiteness it takes away the poetic rights that most western astrologers take much delight in.

Tropical Zodiac used in Western Astrology was relevant 2000 years ago when the texts of which were written, but is no longer valid. There is no point in analysing a chart which does not correspond to the actual heavenly positions of the planets, signs, and position of the stars (nakshatras) behind them. It is similar to playing music on an out of tune instrument! Where the tropical zodiac says Aries is from their calculations… it is not. You look up in the sky to find Aries and it is just not there. It has moved quite a bit due to the earth slowing down 50.3 seconds per year since the invent of Western Astrology. This is why when you get a reading from a Jyotishi, you may find that you are not the same sign that you have believed yourself to be all this time and with that the reading is also accurate and detailed not a woo woo reading of what the Western astrologist has spun together off of squares and trines. Vedic Astrology is much more extensive and vast than its western counterpart. It is unquestionably the foremost among all divination methods and sciences.

It requires a serious and deep study of many many years with an open attitude from all the intellectual and inquisitive minds to uncover its magic. To all the critics of Astrology, there is a suggest that they take a good look at the functionings of Vedic Astrology before they dismiss it as nonsense. Most individuals own a mobile phone or a radio at this point in time. The phone and radio work regardless of you being able to see any waves being received by it. In this way, astrology works as well. Just because you don’t understand it doesn’t bear any validity to it being viable and quite scientific. Also, history bears testament to the fact that the greatest scientific minds like Ptolemy, Newton and Galileo all practiced Astrology. It is interesting to note that Ancient Vedic Sages knew about most of the astronomical phenomena including the precession of the earth’s axis thousands of years before modern astronomy came to know about it and used it in their calculations. We still thought the earth was flat till when?

The present day Vedic Astrology is comprised of different systems delineated by different Sages, which are complementary to each other thereby adding to its richness and depth of accuracy but that accuracy depends upon the knowledge, experience and intuition of the practitioner. It take much study due to the fact that Vedic Astrology covers every area of human existence and can give accurate results down to the minute. Vedic Astrology encompasses everything ranging from psychology, healing, prediction,religion and spirituality to everyday affairs.

Every birth is sacred and brings with it karma which influence our Character, Talents, Relationships, Career ,Finance, Health and Spiritual nature. There is no bad karma, as we in the West who are addicted to the feel good and run away from what is seen as bad karma would like to think, there is only divine grace. Every bit of karma is that to be lived and there is no cheating or getting out of your karma except by Sadhana design to do so. There is nothing one cannot improve or change through greater self understanding and right application. Upon this foundation one can take responsibility for one’s Self and direct one’s life in a higher purpose and meaningful manner. Vedic Astrology helps you do exactly that. You want to have your mind blown wide open, take up the study of jyotish with a valid teacher, teaching from the ancient texts. As pretty much every post I write i write about what is being taught out there. You can either study what is easy to study, what is being sold in america in 1 year programs on line where you download a course every other week from some guy that has a lot of videos on youtube, or you can actually study the real thing. It is really as easy as that. Most everything out in the masses is mediocre at best. 

To quote my teacher, “Don’t look for short-cuts as that is the surest way to delude yourself. Hurting your intelligence is the surest way to hurt yourself. Ādi Śaṅkara called jyotiṣa the ocean of vedic sciences and refused to debate on this topic as one lifetime is not sufficient to finish the debate. By accepting that you can read this huge secret vedic science in just about six months is a sign that your ahaṁkāra has definitely got the better of you. Please do not delude yourself. It has taken me more than three decades of sincere study every day to fathom some of the depths of this ocean. It will take you as much time and you can choose to start today, or maybe in ten years, or maybe in the next life. This choice is yours – and this is really the freewill you can exercise.”


I think that this states very well the depth and the time it takes to learn something r better any of the vedic sciences, yoga and ayurveda included. 


So what do i have to say about an Ayurveda course that is 24 sessions over 2 years? Do I need to say anything? Is it clear now? 200 hr yoga teacher trainings?




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