Hazards of meditation

Republished from Dec 2012.

Does anyone ever think about where the techniques of ancient meditation came from or were used for? No, I am not talking about the latest technique of sitting quietly and trying to clear the mind at your super spiritual local retreat center. I am talking about real meditation techniques from the Upanishads or Bhairava Tantra or such? These techniques were used by a sadhaka that was deeply devoted to their path of which these meditations were from. Most of which were an inner path – nivritti marga – and were conducive to living alone in a forest away from any culture and people. It was not for people of the modern world nor is that form of meditation conducive to it.

Does anyone ever stop to think what they are or might be getting into if they do take on any random practice and what the cost it may be to their normal extroverted superficial lives of consumption in the western world? Specially, with no actual discernment of anything at all or the normal naive thought, “everything spiritual is good”.

Most people are naively educated by from teachers and books of superficial knowledge and inso think that all meditation is created equal or “everything is good!”

What’s worse is that today there is a huge amount of teachers out there that don’t have much knowledge or experience either where hanging up a sign and teaching people is more important than actually having real knowledge and expertise.

Think about this as an example……. Sally, since she is a super yogini having complete her goddess devi yogini teacher training 2 week course and teaches a rockin yoga class each day, is invited by a friend to attend a meditation evening at a private house that is to have a sangha by her friends guru. It turns out it is only a small group  of people and the guru actually is a real guru. After sangha the guru leads the group in a deep meditation but the guru being a real guru has responsibility and asks Sally if she has a meditation practice. She, being the super goddess devi yogini that she is, of course says yes. The guru proceeds with a real technique that has substance (something completely new to Sally as she is used to closing her eyes and imagining her devi power of abundance), guidance, and real shakti. Since she says she has been meditation since her birth yet cannot asnwer simple questions about meditation and she even was given divine meditation instruction in utero, while she was meditating, none of this is a problem for her.

Sally has her mind blown, as she as never ever experienced anything like this before. She has taken the bait, she is hooked and will experience the sinker. Soon she starts to see the guru regularly and learns a regular practice from the guru.

In a short amount of time Sally starts to realize she has become “judgmental” or “critical” of the world that she used to know and starts to become an introvert. She stays at home more and more and her friends start to drop away since she has no more desire to go out and party with them any more or to be involved in the idle gossip and mindless (or mindful) chat. It just doesn’t seem important to her anymore. She gets up early in the morning several hours before the sun rises and meditates for a couple hours. Then she gets ready for work and goes to work. After work she comes home and meditates again, has dinner, relaxes more, and goes to bed early. At work, after a time, she realizes that her boss is and always has been abusive and the job she has is draining. Much more to the point, the job she was doing no longer has any meaning like it used to. So one fine day she quits as she cannot deal with the boss and job….. see the energy of them grows as they are defined. She quits the “yoga” teaching because she realizes she really didn’t know what she was doing and what she had been teaching was just a workout with alot of B.S. woo woo open heart and open chakra language thrown in. She becomes more and more depressed because she is no longer living in that jazzed up inspiring people world that she used to thrive in.

This is real.

The hazards of this form of meditation are interconnected with the benefits. It is totally from what perspective you are looking. From the job, family, and friends of Sally has dropped out of life, and they even think she has maybe joined a cult or has given everything over to this “guru” guy. To Sally her life has really just started. She has a totally different perspective to what life and living is. Her eyes have been opened to more beauty and a deeper experience of life than she ever had imagined. The problem is….. how does she now fit into the external world.

You see, not all meditation is created equally.

Just as everyone is an individual with their own path and dharma, there is just as much variation in meditation. Real meditation techniques are designed to make you disassociate with the external and the natural desires of a western cultural life, not flourish in it and certainly not go towards it. Many books are written by many people trying to blend the two and make some resolution to their own reasons for not living the life of the sadhaka as they have desired but the truth is plain and simple that the two are opposite paths and they cannot be resolved. That is actually the resolution. There are even people who have rewritten ancient texts to bend to their ideas of this.

The other side of this story is that Sally, now seen as weird or on a spiritual trip or whatever by the external folk, is much more content than she could ever imagine. She used to try to run to happiness all the time as she was constantly in flight from anything that was unpleasant. She has a real embodied realization (which is the only kind) that happiness and sadness are both attachments and she is just content with neither of them. She actually has a real relationship with her Self and respects her Self and her life as well as everything in it. She has begun studies into something with substance, she created a business around it that gets her by and gives her access to people that she can actually relate with. She works when she wants to rather than constantly. She no longer reads drama but reads scriptures from ancient times that have ethical and moral value.  She has gotten rid of more than three quarters of the baggage she owned and has simplified her life and has moved into a much smaller house in nature. She takes time to watch the sunrise everyday and gives thanks for every moment and really gets the depth of that and means it. The world has become something that is outside of her and inside of her, she feels like she has never felt things before, the wind is part of her as it blows. She goes for long walks everywhere.
Real meditation techniques are extremely powerful. The results are due to the science that is behind each technique.
There are millions of people in the modern West practicing meditation each day, but there is little information about what the techniques are that they are practicing and there is even less information out there for people as to how to deal with the outcomes and avoid the pitfalls of meditation in a culture that does not support any form of inward journey. A 2002 study by the CDC found that about 7.6% of adults in the United States practice meditation, and 5% practice yoga. I question what is being practiced as yoga or meditation in this survey. Since what is deemed as yoga today is some western bastardization and has nothing to do with the real thing in almost all cases. What might this say of meditation as well?

This is also pointing to the roots of why real meditation and yoga are not taught in the masses, the lifestyle that goes hand in hand is not possible to live in the western culture. Instead there is a watered down version that allows one to identify with being a “yogi” or meditator. While the true deep path is never known or tread.

In addition to all of this, no meditation should be taken on without the proper mantras prior.

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  1. Ive read many of your blogposts. Some of them a long time ago. By revisiting them, after learning about your blog for the first time two years ago, shows me what Ive learnt in the past couple of years. I notice how I understand what is written in them better and also in a deeper way. This one for example really speaks to me. To be real, Im nowhere near where Sally is nor have too much clarity on or embodiement of any topic really, but still I recognize many of the things witten above. Things that have started to develop after dropping the western spiritual world and the whole pop-“guru”-circus and starting to take a look into what is the real deal in all of this.

    Thanks for your guidance in that and in encouraging us to look into things ourselves and not depend on whatever someone thats standing on a pedestal is saying. I might add to that.. some people think theyre not doing that and think theyre thinking independently because they themselves (cherry)pick and choose what to believe from many books, gurus, workshops or religions. Well. I kinda did that too and I don’t see any difference in that. That just means that the one put on the pedestal is you (or your intuition or whatever). Lol.

    Thanks again.

    • The link included in the article is quite amazing too. We have no clue what we’re fooling around with. Gosh, if I just think of how many people have recommended to me to do one of those vipassana retreats…

      I sometimes doubt wether to comment or not as by now I can be found under a lot of articles here, and after all… what do my opinions or thoughts matter? But geez its all just quite amazing to me. There should be loads of comments of appreciation but there is only a few. What they say in that linked article is true. That you can find great stuff about yoga and meditation anywhere, but when do you ever hear the other side? Ayahuasca? I witnessed someone break his rib after falling when leaving the toilet while being under the influence of its effects. Same with modern “Ayurveda”. All bliss health and happiness. Isnt that great!? In the article, Osho said the guy committing suicide had allready reincarnated as a more enlightened soul. How convenient! Very interesting article. Thanks.

    • Jesse,
      You are starting to see the lunacy of all of this stuff, that’s all. As you learn more and more from studying actual texts and authentic proper sources and experience of that knowledge your gaining, you can only look out there and see what you are seeing. It is a serious mess and quite horrific and dangerous especially when it has to do with herbs or advising people to do things with the seriously little knowledge people have. And really, no one wants to hear this or see it. It would only make them have to look in a mirror and take responsibility.
      This is why I have written stuff on this blog that points it out, as a red flag… like how in the world is it normal and accepted that a 200 hour training in anything allows someone to be or even think that they are now a teacher? And then also, how can people not have any thought about this in the first place? Would you ever go to a doctor that has only 200 hours education? In fact, to point out, the general thing that I have seen is someone wanting to get certified in the littlest amount of time possible. It is rather scary. And to think, most of the people teaching are actually of this level. Hmmm. If you are not learning from the actual source then what will be the result?
      Much like that giirl who paid $15,000 to do a weekend workshop with Nityananada then is a devotte for 10 years and is suprised when she finally wakes up to none of it being real… where is any logic or thought process?

    • Sorry some typos:

      My uncle shared an article with me today. He knows a bit about my past. His wife (my aunt) and my mother and sister all three told me that they feel they “have me back” ever since i dropped the whole bs idea of me “pursuing the life of a yogi” etc.

  2. Yes, I understand what youre saying.

    My uncle shares an article with me today. He knows some about my past. His wife (my aunt), mother and sister told me that they feel they “have me back” ever since i dropped the whole idea of “pursuing the life of a yogi” etc.

    I thought I might share it here… its about all this same stuff and includes a kind of white millenial version of Osho:

    “Another mother, Janet Smith (a pseudonym), whose daughter is still intimately involved with Bentinho’s community, was also adamant that “cult” was the right term.

    “Since she went on one of Bentinho’s retreats she has not been the same,” Smith told me. “When I call her she gives weird answers and meditates all the time. She talks about 2035 being the time when the whole world will live in peace. I ask her what the hell she is talking about. She tells me: You have no idea! You are trapped in your limited prejudices about humanity. I managed to free myself from that. I have the overview.””


    • Yes. What is going on in the name of higher wisdom, health and healing, spirituality….. it is really something else. This example is perfect. No matter what you say to a flat earth or they have their mind made up and they know better than you. This is actually what I’ve experienced from having this blog. There’s no point to any real wisdom or any depth of knowledge because the “experts” that are out there. Just like that last comment from the guy asking about copper cups from Sadhguru or anything else. There’s nothing to be said about any of this because frankly there’s just no ears to hear. This is why in the past I’ve said, “for one to be a seeker, it means they are lost.”

    • “What is going on in the name of higher wisdom, health and healing, spirituality….. it is really something else.”

      Yeah….. I get that more and more.

      Just watched this documentary. It’s all just the same stuff. Like Wild Wild Country. One guy who likes sex (in the case of the trailer he’s a homosexual who likes younger guys allthewhile publicly preaching sex is this low thing that is bad for you.), comfort, wealth and adoration… and a lot of damaged people thinking they’ve found God and heaven on earth.

      “For one to be a seeker, it means they are lost.”

      I like that. Thanks.

    • I could clarify that quote by saying “In order for one to be seeking, it means they are without in the first place.” and the only thing that fills that is knowledge. One’s experience is only based off knowledge. If you have the proper knowledge of the practice, the practice results successfully with the desired results. one does not have any awareness of anything they do not have prior knowledge of. They cannot. Fundamentally, this is why one needs a teacher and this is why we stick to the texts and not peoples translations or worse the books written in the masses….. etc etc etc.

    • I’ve been thinking about this and think I’m somewhat understanding what you’re pointing to.

      “for one to be a seeker, it means they are lost.”

      I don’t think that you’re saying it is wrong to be a seeker. I think that maybe only until one realizes the truth about the Self and has seen beyond the maya that is this physical world one can say that one is not a seeker anymore or lost. Seeking in that sense can mean to seek fulfillment in any sense like desire fulfillment such as smoking a cigarette even though it’s obvious now that it’s not good for you. I came to this idea because you’re addition in which you said that “In order for one to be seeking, it means they are without in the first place.” and the only thing that fills that is knowledge.”
      “To be without” would then be both the lack of a clear perspective on life (the opposite of having a delusional view on life) and also to be without the sense of unity with God or realization of who one really is. To be lost can thus be simply the misidentification with being the body, mind… the do’er of actions or the thinker of thoughts, which means that basically everyone is lost (in differing degrees)

      And all this comes in many levels. A man who beliefs he’s a chicken is more delusional than someone who identifies with being a human being. But that human identifying person can still be very delusional by naively believing that some ex-pornstar (referring to the trailer I included above) in a speedo is an enlightened being (or that money can bring true fulfillment etc.) Knowledge can give one discernment to see through that. That knowledge (in this case) doesn’t even have to be eastern knowledge. Most psychologists would most likely see through the guy for the pathological narcissist that he is. So the people who can’t see through that have so little knowledge that their hunger for (and lack of) truth is very great. “For one to be a seeker, it means they are lost”. The more lost one is, the more desperate one is to find. Unfortunately, because of the desperation and lack of discernment, this hunger is more often than not, answered with lies and intoxication and distractions. Indulgence in food, drugs, etc. etc. can be included in that.

      You once said that these days everyone and your mother is seeking. Why? We’re getting dumber and more delusional by the day. Distancing ourselves from simple natural things and common sense. Yet we think we’re so smart and woke and openminded (simply cause we welcome basically ánything without truly giving it a critcal thought) by embracing all kinds of twisted mindsets. Sexuality and relationships are getting more and more perverted where now there is even things like polyamorous marriage. We’re increasingly distancing ourselves from nature because of technology, media entertainent and the internet (and no amount of organic food or superfoods can make up for that), ridiculing religion while thinking we ourselves are so allmighty that we can simply make corrections (or should I say “improvements”) in ones DNA through CRISPR/Cas. etc. etc.
      And by continuing to be open and look for all that stuff, we maintain (and worsen) the confusion in our minds and systems. This means that we’re só far of from any truth that we’re more hungry than ever. Less patient too… the void has to be filled, now! So any diet fad or guru or whatever you’re susceptible for and comes in our way will be embraced and subsequently defended as if ones life depends on it. It all makes us gullible.

      This says a lot about living more in tune with the simplicity of life and nature and how it affects our needs, wants, desires and seeking:

      “In all third world countries, they are simple and content beyond imagination when compared to Western culture, until the modern culture has shown its head. It is only do to the seeing movies and such that the third world country then wants more and lowers their integrity as well as becomes discontent.”

      Here the full paragraph:

      “If you examine further you can see how the psychology behind relating is a Western psychology. It is never finding a solution and is only working on the symptoms, not the root of the it. Understanding that your need to be seen, your need for better intimacy, etc etc is only because one is looking outward into the maya and into the duality. In all third world countries, they are simple and content beyond imagination when compared to Western culture, until the modern culture has shown its head. It is only do to the seeing movies and such that the third world country then wants more and lowers their integrity as well as becomes discontent. A simple life is very easy on the mind, a western life is complex and full of mind stuff. Modern world problems are luxurious when compared to third world problems. The more stuff you have and possess the more distracted the mind and more mind stuff there is. The more technology there is to make the life easier the more time you find in “busyment.” That busyment puts one in a fishbowl.”


      With the same aunt I mentoned above I had a conversation about religion in which she said “I don’t need to have all the answers. I’m ok with not knowing.” And allthough she has every right to say that and look at her life like that… and allthough it sounds like she can simply be content with what is without knowledge, and allthough it sounds like she’s not a greedy needy seeker…, I think that the void that any human being has to some extent, will take over that “I’m ok with not knowing” attitude, and simply project ones old recycled pre-existing beliefs onto the world. Or in your words: “one’s experience is only based off knowledge.” or even a better quote: “It is a matter of common experience that a restless mind can never be content in anyway. It can pretend to be content and work on being content but as long as there is external focus for any value of contentment, it remains at bay.
      ( https://trueayurveda.wordpress.com/2015/09/30/the-story-of-the-path/ )”
      For example. She’s a christian. I wonder though, does she know God or simply belief in it? And if christianity is much about belief (which is what is seems like to me, but granted, despite my family is and/or has been much into christianity, I myself have never really tried digging to the bottom of it), and not about an actual experience of God, then this would mean that it is inferior to Hinduism (considering what I’ve read about it and then my belief/hypothesis about it). Not saying christianty is wrong or not a good path or that everybody should be hindu or seeking for that knowledge. Just saying it’s different and, according to what I’ve read about it (!) “inferior” in the sense that it involves less knowledge and a less deep understanding of life. Sorry christians. Not meaning to piss you off. Just sharing my views. My mother thinks (and expresses) mantras are demonic stuff and we still have a good relationship. We all have our ideas and perspectives right?

      To wrap it up.. the things you say don’t seem to me that it’s wrong to be seeking. As long as there’s mind, there’s desire. Seeking seems only natural as long as long as Moksha has not been reached. There’s however many ways to be seeking. There’s desperate, naive, greedy and delusional ways of seeking and there is wise and more peacefull ways of doing so. Like reading the actual original texts with teachers.

      “The driving urges of modern societies: “permissiveness” and “competition” both lead to social disruption, conflicts, wars, destruction of peace. The pursuit of happiness is just another name for it and it is the most popular “spiritual pursuit” today.

      Ex: Western colonization – Increasing standard of living” leads man away from happiness – The only source of contentment is not in outside objects, but within. This state is devoid of happiness. It is devoid of motivation and achievement.

      The only path is cessation of desires. It is the highest state. Moksha.”


      “Do you get that all of this comes down to just contentment with what is and turning all the senses inward instead of outward and doing/experiencing one’s karma without expectation or reaction to the fruit of those karmas……. just as what is explained in the Bhagavad Gita as well as other texts?”


      All this may seem that only meditation or being in silence or “experiencing ones karma” or looking within is enough, but I think to actually be able to be still and look within and/or experience ones karma without expectation is not something you can just start doing because you want to or have read about it. It requires a certain understanding of what life is, and the human being within that, actually is. This requires study and self reflection. Or in other words the only thing that fills the void of the seeker is knowledge. For example, who knows what karma áctually is? I for sure don’t. So good luck experiencing that which you don’t know. Lol. after having typed it I realize that’s exactly what you were saying: “one does not have any awareness of anything they do not have prior knowledge of. They cannot.”. I mean, yes I have an idea of what it is. But in-depth? No.

      “Health is not just the absence of sickness. It is defined as ‘prasannatmendriyamanah’ – physical, mental, and spiritual health where mind and spirit are in a state of prasanna (a content, clear, and serene). The key to health is a complete psychosomatic equilibrium which makes it essential for us to be aware of the elementary rules and laws of living. This healthcare involves the entire being at its optimal physical and psychological levels in samyaka yoga (adequate contact or association), together with kala (season), artha (sensory modalities) and karma (actions), and is the main definition of health.

      The root cause and promotion of all the good or bad action that man performs is manas, the mind. Following a beneficial diet, beneficial lifestyle and conduct, and self-realization are the tools to having control over manas.”

      To just assume this (and the rest of the quoted article) will all come naturally without study is rather naive. Your article continues to explain:

      “Knowing what is beneficial is thought to be a subjective thesis in Western society today as we believe our opinion and the need for individual freedom and expression is the priority in life. Nobody really likes to hear this but it is the truth. This juxtapose destroys knowledge and wisdom as it is all based in ego. Knowing what is beneficial is turned into a personal choice or opinion rather than science (knowledge) that is time-tested and not changing every few weeks or at the blink of an eye. Look around, its right there before you in all the popular health fads and diets. You can see this in the hamster wheel that circulates constantly onto the next cool thing in Western consumeristic and capitalistic culture. Realize this is all there will ever be in this culture. There can be nothing else when opinion and ego are what rules. It is a Yelp.com world now. The knowledge and living of a Daily regime (Dinacharya), Evening regime (Ratricharya), Seasonal Regime (Rutucharya), healthy living of self hygiene (Swasthvritta), moral code of conduct recommended for health (Sadvritta), good conducts which boosts spirituality (Achara Rasayana), and proper following rules of diet (Ahara vidhi vidhana) are the science of living a healthy and full life in body, mind, and spirit. Its based in the science of nature. We, in the Western culture and our sciences, are only starting to realize things like the “brain and the gut connection” or how our mind acts on our worldview and the connection to that being our internal environment and health as well and many other ‘new discoveries’ by our sciences and the many many books for the masses written on these. These ‘new discoveries’ have already been around already for thousands of years and are only small pieces of the whole.”


      Allthough I’ve only begun to understand all (or rather part of) this, it all sounds very logical to me. Especially in contrast to what the west is doing and where it is heading, in basically every way. Some more obvious than others: This http://petrsblog.blogspot.com/2018/04/gender-and-mental-disorder.html

      There’s a version of that same image where they changed the symbol of “demiagender (with third gender)” into a helicopter. Lol.

      The guy posting it puts up a quote saying “Now Im told that we can choose genders. I am also simultaneously told that gays are born the way they are an that’s the end of that.”

      I don’t mean to be disrespectful (or even point fingers. I have my own kind of problems, questions and things to be confused about), but it’s all really just going too far without acknowledging that. The word “dis-order” shows there is a lack of order. The world simply has a way in which it’s working. There ís a natural order: Gravity, plants procreate through pollination and depend on photosynthesis and solar energy, mammals are either male or female, etc. Negating that natural order of things is like negating life (and thus, the need for chemically manipulating hormones of healthy individuals etc.), or in other words, things are mentally disordered. Like you say we can just choose what is truth or even what is science and what is not, based upon one questionable research here or taking something out of context there or even just making stuff up, or parroting stuff…. from some guy in a speedo. There are actually rare cases of people born with the organs of both genders, but that’s not what’s going on here. And like you say. No one likes to hear it. Any of this. Even though I’m putting it out here publicly it doesn’t mean that I’m particularly fond of sharing my ideas with friends or family about basically any of this. With some I can because I know they’ll understand (but only carefully selecting parts and bits of it). So I’m basically just hoping none of them will ever scroll through this comment section ;).

      I hope I’m interpretating your words correctly.

      Thanks for your blog and your work.

    • “which means that basically everyone is lost (in differing degrees)”
      Not everyone but basically everyone.

      “So the people who can’t see through that have so little knowledge that their hunger for (and lack of) truth is very great.”
      Knowledge is a form of light. It enlightens. Can put this into a very very simple example, if someone does not know about food… does the food that they eat not harm them if it is nonbeneficial or say that they are combining foods that do not digest when combined? When someone “knows” thru understanding and the experience of the information it is knowledge. Information just followed is not knowledge, it has no light. It does not enlighten. In any practice, this is the same.
      Belief is not knowledge. “Blind belief”, you have heard that saying right? It is, completely blind. No light. Knowledge liberates. In this comparison, belief does not.
      There is actually a lot more to all of this and we are simplifying it all. There are many facets to the diamond.

      Your Aunt, She has a belief. That is what gives her contentment. It is contentment but not really. Using the same example of food, when she falls ill due to not knowing does she say it is god’s will?
      This is the double-edged sword of most religions and all beliefs.
      A belief is when there is not a realization or an embodied experience of something or maybe I can put it like this… Do you believe in gravity?

      And yes to the rest, you are on the point.
      And…. just to add… if anyone wants to be nongender, a okay. But then they should have a mandatory surgical removal of their genitalia.
      It is simple… put your money where your mouth is.

    • Thanks a lot for your reply.

      Experience of knowledge is that which makes the dead information alive, and practical. Otherwise it’s kinda like a list of symbols sitting on a harddrive. In the west we don’t have that. We choose what we believe and then follow it (or not). Not just religion. Science too. This is good for you. That is bad for you. Eat this, but not that. So no, I don’t believe in gravity, I feel and see it every day.
      I don’t think my aunt would say that when one falls ill it is God’s will, but I know the thought exists and I understand what you’re getting at. I think the opposite would be when someone is ill and the disease or symptoms subside in a way that is unexplainable by western science, then divine intervention is sometimes “blamed” for that, even though it could be due to a very mundane/physical factor. Lol, this video pops into my mind. It has subtitles that can be turned on:

      I like what you said about the nongender. I remember I once saw a video in which even a transgender person being offended by the idea of there being infinite genders, because it renders useless/negates the whole sex change operation (s)he did. But honestly, I don’t know a single person in my direct life who identifies as being nongender or trans, so.. who cares I guess.

    • I think this (the video) is an interesting conversation on a related topic (belief, blind faith, discernment, christianity). It does make me think though. At which point does information become embodied knowing? The woman in this clip came to the conclusion through researching christianity that it has many contradictions and therefor cannot actually be the word of God. I myself have not gone through a similar researching process. My brother in law (who has studied and teaches history) has, an he too has come to the conclusion that the story of Jesus is not a historical happening as is commonly believed amongst christians (my brother in law actually used to be a christian too). Anyway, I’m pondering to myself wether the conclusions my brother in law and the women in this video have come to are just information or the enlightening knowledge you speak of. Or for example the common sense/thought that someone who has been born a boy is a male and someone who has been born a girl is a female… is it embodied knowing or is it just a level of intellectualism superior to that of a mind that does not research but still stuck on a level of information and not quite embodied knowing such as the physical knowing and experience that gravity exists. Buy yeah, I will not forget “There is actually a lot more to all of this and we are simplifying it all. There are many facets to the diamond.”

      It’s interesting. I mean I see a difference for example when eating I am now more susceptible to astringency since I read it is considered a taste in Ayurvedic knowledge and how it can be used in balancing a meal throughout the day and year. However I don’t think I have the embodied knowing of what exactly makes something a taste and what makes something a quality. Why is astringency a taste yet coldness is not? Coldness can be felt without the tongue. But dryness too can’t we? Does one actually taste astringency or is rather a dryness in the mouth, which begs the question… would it not rather be the quality or dryness then? Rather than being a taste? Lol. Interesting.

      I wanted to share this one. I know Youtube is a shithole and I’m shouldn’t be on it so much, but there is a brilliancy to this one I can’t deny. The whole “everything is one, we’re all the same, all is the same, everyone and everything is equal”. Every worldview should not only be tolerated, but also embraced without questioning and integrated into the existing culture, the cringeworthy un-nuanced clichés everything is being put into and the pride and ego that comes along with it etc. etc. I find it wonderfully, subtly and above all hilariously expressed in this song and video. The guy sarcasticly says in the making off that by doing this (performing the song etc) he’s “changing the world one street at the time”.

      Same thing, same guy: cultural appropriation disguised as respecting and helping the Native americans. lol, I love this guy.

    • Yeah uhm. maybe I’m projecting a bit too much on the “equality street”. What I mean to say is that it’s obvious that we should be nice to one another regardless of race, etc. Duh. Yet the guy/comedian in the video walks around as if he deserves a medal for propagating that thought. On top of that, it almost gets a religious kind of tone (golden gate, heaven, etc.) and before you know it any space for critical thinking or discussion is gone and all there can be is total (hypocritical) praise of whatever the other brings to the table, even though you might not get it or even straight out (respectfully) disagree with it. A relative of mine is a homosexual. He’s a nice man, but my honest point of view of homosexuality is that it is not a natural thing. But who’d dare to say that on equality street? Even when asked about it.

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