Email from a seeker

This was an email from a friend that begged me to share, so here it is…..




What search terms on the internet would you suggest I use when I look for places to here? Yoga is out. Too many fakes. Is there a word like “ashram” or something more esoteric that only people who are real would use? I want to visit some “intentional communities” but I need a way to flush out the fakes as much as possible before hand. There are over 50!




Sorry. No terms for it. Spirituality has become such a business and the “cool” thing. So much so that it has moved into every nook and cranny. The only way to find a real community is to continue to search and know about what you are looking for prior to looking.

If you don’t know anything about an elephant not even what one looks like, you can search and search and talk to everyone you come into contact with about an elephant. They will tell you all sorts of things about what they think about elephants and some of them might be correct…… But most of them will be just their opinion……. as how many people do you know that have actually experienced an elephant. It is only until you truly find a real elephant that you will know what elephant is. Until then you are left with a lot of people saying a lot of shit about elephants.



8 thoughts on “Email from a seeker

    • What happened to your blog? Can’t read your post. Yes, The spiritual materialism is quite a huge wave right now and is all really quite a funny dilema. What to do, what to do? 🙂 Keep far away is the best i could say. Just be true to your path and ignore all the BS. I only post all this stuff because it is of my work, life, and love. The ignorance is vast out there and only holding the light is the answer. Keep your light bright.

  1. Beautiful metaphor Brad. I remember when we got back in touch, and you spoke to me about Ayurveda. I “thought” I knew what you were speaking of, yet I truly had no idea. Then one day, finally, my whole world shifted, and it was as if I saw everything with a different set of eyes. There was no way I could see things the way I saw before. For this, I am forever grateful for the “elephant”..

    • Trust me, after doing my own study into Ayurveda through mass media books (boy was that the wrong choice), then on to a correspondence course, to the Ayurvedic Institute (another wrong choice) and then to Vedika Gurukula I am still after all of that constantly having to unlearn the non-beneficial education that I have received. If you get the idea of the time we live in Kali yuga, and the amount of ignorance that is abounding, you understand that satyam is not something that is easily found. The deep truth lies within the experiencing and the wisdom comes forth from that place. You can read 1,000,000 books and you can never truly understand until the knowledge is embodied. It truly takes a real teacher not someone that doesn’t live or really know the science. It is so much deeper than what is taught in the United States. I can only say that and it is only words.

    • Kanon,
      Welcome to the world today. I can only wish the best to everyone that is out there seeking. There is so much detail is all the paths, all the details are like the stars that make up the milky way when you are in a very desolate place where there is no light pollution. Today there is alot of light pollution.

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