Just some food for thought: Lets wake up and get real…more on the Purushartas

Please read the past post on the Purushartas or the 4 aims of life if you have not, to continue with this post.

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Dharma, Artha, Kama, And then MOKSHA!

Remembering that this is from Sanatana Dharma, the essence of vedic thought and yes, Yoga comes from this as well. It is a congruent part of it, not separable.

Lets talk about Moksha for a second. Lets talk about this spiritual “thing” since “Yoga” has grown so big in popularity over the 15 years in America and we have twisted it into something it is not.

Moksha is freedom or liberation. Liberation is loss, or having something taken from you. It is liberated from you. Gone. Get it.

We think that liberation is such a nice sounding in the spiritual world and that everyone is working towards it….. baloney.

Try being liberated from your money, success, and accomplishments. How about from your kids or family?

Wow. take that in for a moment.

We don’t like that very much, we want the bad taken away but not the good feeling stuff. The only thing we want to be liberated from is suffering but let me keep my warm fuzzies.

Sorry, that isn’t spiritual. Wake and smell the coffee. Please. Liberation is liberation. Get it?

In fact, the spiritual part of all of this is the loss. The hard time stuff. Unless of course you have that one down already.

A second thing to think about…….. most people are not spiritual. Sorry to say it. Nope. Most people are not at all. YEs, we all are spirit and have a physical manifested body, but it doesn’t mean the mind and it’s complexes are orientated towards spirituality or a higher purpose although most would like to think or pretend they are.

How many people out there actually meditate, I mean really meditate? I mean real, silent and still without having to do stuff that we are calling meditation to just to calm the mind. If you don’t know what i am talking about you are missing crucial information.

Big difference.

How many people are going into the hard stuff, asking the hard questions and dealing with hard real facts like, well…….for one……. everyone dies, don’t they? Everyone you know as well as your self will someday die. A real spiritual path is knowing that this is all temporary and everything will be taken from you. Then what is this all about? What is the real meaning of it all? What am I? Who am I? Who is this I?

Who is actually on that path? The deep questions that change your paradigm and makes everything pop into perspective. Not the questions of what are you going to wear today. Those questions are meaningless and just of ego and identification.

Who is actually on the path of service, since that is jumping ahead to the answer of all the last questions? Since a spiritual life isn’t about personal desires being fulfilled. They are very contrary to each other. Culmination of all worldly desires is nothing more than service to the highest. Look at most Saints. Moksha comes after that. Letting go of everything. Everything goes. Gone.

And while we have turned yoga into exercise, based upon western exercise science and not yoga,  the one thing we have liberated from yoga is its authentic teachings and meaning. It is the same as with samadhi in yoga. Who is actually doing anything more than just alot of exercise? (Artha and Kama)

Get out of your head and get into your body. Get real. Put your feet into the earth and get grounded.

Just some food for thought.


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