So you wanna lose weight………

Whoa!!!!!!!!……….. Hold on before you go off and do harm to yourself and don’t even know it. Calm down, sit down and lets talk about this for a second.

Lets understand a few little basic guidelines before you run off on some so called healthy cleanse that is cool and popular now or before you start juicing or start skipping meals or even worse… the paleo diet.


It is winter time now. Did you know that winter time is the time to gain weight? Yes, believe that? No, it doesn’t mean to go out and gorge yourself on over eating or eat whatever you want because i just said that. It means that winter time is directly linked to the health of your system for the rest of the year. If you were to go on a diet now or after the holidays you hamper your immune systems ability to work for the rest of the year. You would be starting out there year in a deficit.


Winter is cold, obviously.

When the air temperature turns cold at this time, the body’s internal agni responds by increasing and thereby creating the desire to eat warmer, richer, creamier, heavier, spiced foods. This is a natural seasonal craving, reflecting the body’s intelligence in adjusting to the seasons.

During Winter, the tissues (dhatus) are nourished and replenished. But if the increased the digestive fire (agni) is not fed properly at this time, it eats up your tissues, causing a loss of energy, low immunity, seasonal arthritis, low libido, etc. So this is definitely not the time to go on a reducing diet, or to work out extra hard at the gym to lose weight although working out during the Winter is the best time to be working out to help build the body’s strength and immunity.

Water should be consumed only when you are thirsty. This is the rule always. Let more of your intake of liquid be through your food, through soups and warm drinks. When it rains, be conscious that you are breathing in water constantly from the damp air around you, and that your skin is absorbing water from the air. Yes, do you believe that? It is true.

It is an ideal time for rejuvenating treatments, and for daily sesame oil massage (abhyanga). This is the time of year when people go to India for rejuvenating oil treatments. If you are interested in going, just cntact me and i can put you in touch with respectable and reliable people there who will take care of you well and not rip you off. Email

Taking ½ tsp Haritaki with ½ tsp dry ginger with old honey first thing in the morning to prevent colds and respiratory problems in the winter, or last thing at night in warm water to preven constipation and gastric problems.

When the body greatly increases internal heat that can happen due to improper combinations in intake, over eating compared to the digestive fire, and other  reasons, flu develops. When there is fever, do not eat, bathe, do massage. Drink very very watery thin mung soup only when hunger has come back. If you eat when there is a fever you will make it worse. There is not digestive fire, it has spread out of the digestion and into the rest of the body. It needs to be brought back to the digestion and the result of this would be to have hunger again.

Tulsi, a sister of basil, is the first line of defense. It build tremendous immunity. Ideally if you are growing Tulsi,  eat 3 leaves every morning. You can also put in in tea, or make a decoction with ginger powder (for fever).

Pippali or long pepper, sister of black pepper. It cuts down recovery period of colds & functions as a rasayana

Turmeric works on all systems of the body and is a lung purifier, immunity booster, and an anti-cancer herb. Take ½ tsp every 3 hours when you feel a cold coming on, Take ½ tsp every morning as a preventative, gargle once a week with turmeric in hot water as a preventative. You can increase the amount of turmeric in your diet or make spiced milk during the Winter as it is a great nourisher of the body. Please only use whole milk, if you cannot digest it just add water andmake sure you boil it always before drinking it. In the West. we always drink milk straight from the cold fridge. This is so not good. A big source of the digestive problems that we face in our country comes from actions like this.
This spice milk can even be taken 3 times a day in Winter, as per the digestive fire, to boost tissues.

Foods to eat in Winter: So one should eat naturally guru (heavy), brimhana (nourishing) foods and drinks; foods with substance.

Snigdha (unctuous or oily), madhura (sweet), amla (sour), lavana (salt) tasting foods.


Meat soup of the meat of vileshaya (animals living in the burrows like rabbit), prasaha (birds), audaka (animals living in water), aanupa (animals of marshy land) should be consumed plenty. Foods prepared with guda (jaggary, which can be bought in India grocers or ordered online) and flour of grains (pistha) should be taken along with madya (alcohol), masha (black gram), ikshu vikriti (various preparations of sugarcane), ksheera vikriti (various preparations of milk), vasa, thaila(oil), navaodana (new grains).
Fruits should be sweet or sour, and should never be eaten at night during Winter.
Green leafy vegetables should be cooked in oil and eaten with garlic (great in Winter), for example. Being astringent, these green leafy vegetables should be eaten less often during Winter.

Other foods to be eating are:

Grains: Amaranth, Wheat, Oats, Quinoa, Rice,

Legumes: Mung, Black gram, Most pulses

Dairy: All milk products, ghee

Meats: Freshwater fish, Most meats, make meat soups

Fruits: Sweet and sour but never eaten at night, figs, dates

Vegetables: Corn, Carrots, tomatoes, leafy greens with garlic in oil in moderation though

Nuts and seeds: Most nuts, Almonds


Come Spring we can talk about losing weight.


4 thoughts on “So you wanna lose weight………

  1. Confusion confusion! One of your posts said that fish and fermented foods were abhishandi – increase moisture in the body tissues. Why then is it ok to eat these foods in abundance during winter? Instead, shouldn’t the body be fed with moisture causing foods in summer, and vice versa?

    • Namaskar.
      Fish are abhishandi. You are correct. In small amounts at the right time of year and in thought of ones digestion and constitution they are fine. Just as everything else. The trouble with eating fish is when it is a constant thing much like what you find in the asian countries. You find skin diseases high in those areas as well. No coincidences. Good catch, good question. The body is to be nourished in the summer but with kapha type foods made in a way that makes them light and easily digestible and taken in little quantities. Fish is not appropriate for summer at all. I don’t believe the post says to eat fish in abundance.

  2. Thanks for the reply. I understood the ‘should be consumed plenty’ as ‘eat in abundance’. In India, people in Goa, Bengal, Kerala and other coastal regions eat fish daily. I guess the weather somehow makes the fish digestible/beneficial to these people, or it could be that their body is used to the daily intake of fish.

    • namaskar
      Gotcha. There are many factors that need to be weighed in everything. This is the vastness of all the vedic sciences. There is no single list of dos and don’ts. This is the very first thing to be understood. Coastal regions eat fish due to it being coastal, that is about it. Brahmins are not real Brahmins if they are eating fish as well as Hindu as it goes against the foundation of all the texts. Basic foundational understanding. That being said, and understanding that the age we live in now, dharma is very low we then can look at it from just an Ayurvedic view. The coastal ares will have a higher rate of diseases in the areas that the causative factors are from fish. That can be easily seen. Just because someone is raised in an area and generations have been there it is satmya but does not mean it is healthy for them, just that it will affect them less. A hotter region may cause more digestive disturbances. Those will make it even worse. Fish is abhishandi as we said so it should never be eaten daily. Anywhere. To look at it in more depth we would need to see the individual. Hope this clarifies. When I take a quote from the text it can be misleading. Although I like to keep it exact, without the full understanding of all the variety of facets to look from, it can cause confusion or even sound like nonsense. 🙂

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