Prayer to Goddess Earth

Prayer to goddess Earth

From The Artharvaveda
1. Truth, greatness, universal order (rita), strength. consecration, creative fervour (tapas), spiritual exaltation
(brahma), the sacrifice, support the earth. May this earth, the mistress of that which was and shall be, prepare
for us a broad domain!
2. The earth that has heights, and slopes, and great plains, that supports the plants of manifold virtue, free
from the pressure that comes from the midst of men, she shall spread out for us, and fit. herself for us!

3. The earth upon which the sea, and the rivers and the waters, upon which food and the tribes of men have
arisen, upon which this breathing, moving life exists, shall afford us precedence in drinking!
4. The earth whose are the four regions of space, upon which food and the tribes of men have arisen, which
supports the manifold breathing, moving thinas, shall afford us cattle and other possessions also!
5. The earth upon which of old the first men unfolded themselves, upon which the gods overcame the Asuras,
shall procure for us (all) kinds of cattle, horses, and fowls, good fortune, and glory!
6. The earth that supports all, furnishes wealth, the foundation, the golden−breasted resting−place of all living
creatures, she that supports Agni Vaisvânara (the fire), and mates with Indra, the bull, shall furnish us with
7. The broad −earth, which the sleepless gods ever attentively guard, shall milk for us precious honey, and,
moreover, besprinkle us with glory!
8. That earth which formerly was water upon the ocean (of space), which the wise (seers) found out by their
skilful devices; whose heart is in the highest heaven, immortal, surrounded by truth, shall bestow upon us
brilliancy and strength, (and place us) in supreme sovereignty!
9. That earth upon which the attendant waters jointly flow by day and night unceasingly, shall pour out milk
for us in rich streams, and, moreover, besprinkle us with glory!
10. The earth which the Asvins have measured, upon which Vishnu has stepped out, which Indra, the lord of
might, has made friendly to himself; she, the mother, shall pour forth milk for me, the son!
11. Thy snowy mountain heights, and thy forests, O earth, shall be kind to us! The brown, the black, the red,
the multi−coloured, the firm earth, that is protected by Indra, I have settled upon, not suppressed, not slain,
not wounded.
12. Into thy rniddle set us, O earth, and into thy navel, into the nourishing strength that has grown tip from
thy body; purify thyself for us! The earth is the mother, and I the son of the earth; Paro−anya is the father; he,
too, shall save us!
13. The earth upon which they (the priests) inclose the altar (vedi), upon which they, devoted to all (holy)
works, unfold the sacrifice, upon which are set up, in front of the sacrifice, the sacrificial posts, erect and
brilliant, that earth shall prosper us, herself prospering!
14. Him that hates us, O earth, him that battles against us, him that is hostile towards us with his mind and his
weapons, do thou subject to us, anticipating (our wish) by deed!
15. The mortals born of thee live on thee, thou supportest both bipeds and quadrupeds. Thine, O earth, are
these five races of men, the mortals, upon whom the rising sun sheds undying light with his rays.
16. These creatures all together shall yield milk for us; do thou, O earth, give us the honey of speech!
17. Upon the firm, broad earth, the all−begetting mother of the plants, that is supported by (divine) law, upon
her, propitious and kind, may we ever pass−our lives!
18. A great gathering−place thou, great (earth), hast become; great haste, commotion, and agitation are upon
thee. Great Indra protects thee unceasingly. Do thou, O earth, cause us to brighten as if at the sight of gold:
not any one shall hate us!
19. Agni (fire) is in the earth, in the plants, the waters hold Agni, Agni is in the stones; Agni is within men,
Agnis (fires) are within cattle, within horses.
20. Agni glows from the sky, to Agni, the god, belongs the broad air. The mortals kindle Agni, the bearer of
oblations, that loveth ghee.
21. The earth, clothed in Agni, with dark knees, shall make me brilliant and alert!
22. Upon the earth men give to the gods the sacrifice, the prepared oblation; upon the earth mortal men live
pleasantly by food. May this earth give us breath and life, may she cause me to reach old age!
23. The fragrance, O earth, that has arisen upon thee, which the plants and the waters hold, which the
Gandharvas and the Apsaras have partaken of, with that make me fragrant: not any one shall hate us!
24. That fragrance of thine which has entered into the lotus, that fragrance, O earth, which the immortals of
yore gathered up at the marriage of Sûryâ, with that make me fragrant: not any one shall hate us!
25. That fragrance of thine which is in men, the loveliness and charm that is in male and female, that which is
in steeds and heroes, that which is in the wild animals with trunks (elephants), the lustre that is in the maiden,
O earth, with that do thou blend us: not any one shall hate us!

26. Rock, stone, dust is this earth; this earth is supported, held together. To this golden−breasted earth I have
rendered obeisance.
27. The earth, upon whom the forest−sprung trees ever stand firm, the all−nourishing, compact earth, do we
28. Rising or sitting, standing or walking, may we not stumble with our right or left foot upon the earth!
29. To the pure earth I speak, to the ground, the soil that has grown through the brahma (spiritual exaltation).
Upon thee, that holdest nourishment, prosperity, food, and ghee, we would settle down, O earth!
30. Purified the waters shall flow for our bodies; what flows off from us that do we deposit upon him we
dislike: with a purifier, O earth, do I purify myself!
31. Thy easterly regions, and thy northern, thy southerly (regions), O earth, and thy western, shall be kind to
me as I walk (upon thee)! May I that have been placed into the world not fall down!
32. Do not drive us from the west, nor from the east; not from the north, and not from the south! Security be
thou for us, O earth: waylayers shall not find us, hold far away (their) murderous weapon!
33. As long as I look out upon thee, O earth, with Sûrya (the sun) as my companion, so long shall my sight
not fall, as year followeth upon year!
34. When, as I lie, I turn upon my right or left side, O earth; when stretched out we lie with our ribs upon thee
pressing against (us), do not, O earth, that liest close to everything, there injure us!
35. What, O earth, I dig out of thee, quickly shall that grow again: may I not, O pure one, pierce thy vital
spot, (and) not thy heart!
36. Thy summer, O earth, thy rainy season, thy autumn, winter, early spring, and spring; thy decreed yearly
seasons, thy days and nights shall yield us milk
37. The pure earth that starts in fright away from the serpent, upon whom were the fires that are within the
waters, she that delivers (to destruction) the blasphemous Dasyus, she that takes the side of Indra, not of
Vritra, (that earth) adheres to Sakra (mighty Indra), the lusty bull.
38. Upon whom rests the sacrificial hut (sadas) and the (two) vehicles that hold the soma (havirdhâne), in
whom the sacrificial post is fixed, upon whom the Brâhmanas praise (the gods) with riks and sâmans,
knowing (also) the yagur−formulas; upon whom the serving−priests (ritvig) are employed so that Indra shall
drink the soma;−−
39. Upon whom the seers of yore, that created the beings, brought forth with their songs the cows, they the
seven active (priests), by means of the satra−offerings, the sacrifices, and (their) creative fervour (tapas);−−
40. May this earth point out to us the wealth that we−crave; may Bhaga (fortune) add his help, may Indra
come here as (our) champion!
41. The earth upon whom the noisy mortals sing and dance, upon whom they fight, upon whom resounds the
roaring drum, shall drive forth our enemies, shall make us free from rivals!
42. To the earth upon whom are food, and rice and barley, upon whom live these five races of men, to the
earth, the wife of Parganya, that is fattened by rain, be reverence!
43. The earth upon whose ground the citadels constructed by the gods unfold themselves, every region of her
that is the womb of all, Pragâpati shall make pleasant for us!
44. The earth that holds treasures manifold in secret places, wealth, jewels, and gold shall she give to me; she
that bestows wealth liberally, the kindly goddess, wealth shall she bestow upon us!
45. The earth that holds people of manifold varied speech, of different customs, according to their
habitations, as a reliable milch−cow that does not kick, shall she milk for me a thousand streams of wealth!
46. The serpent, the scorpion with thirsty fangs, that hibernating torpidly lies upon thee; the worm, and
whatever living thing, O earth, moves in the rainy season, shall, when it creeps, not creep upon us: with what
is auspicious (on thee) be gracious to us!
47. Thy many paths upon which people go, thy tracks for chariots and wagons to advance, upon which both
good and evil men proceed, this road, free from enemies, and free from thieves, may we gain: with what is
auspicious (on thee) be gracious to us!
48. The earth holds the fool and holds the wise, endures that good and bad dwell (upon her); she keeps
company with the boar, gives herself up to the wild hog.
49. Thy forest animals, the wild animals homed in the woods, the man−eating lions, and tigers that roam; the

ula, the wolf, mishap, injury (rikshikâ), and demons (rakshas), O earth, drive away from us!
50. The Gandharvas, the Apsaras, the Arâyas and Kimîdins; the Pisâkas and all demons (rakshas), these, O
earth, hold from us!
51. The earth upon whom the biped birds fly together, the flamingoes, eagles, birds of prey, and fowls; upon
whom Mâtarisvan, the wind, hastens, raising the dust, and tossing the trees−as the wind blows forth and back
the flame bursts after;−−
52. The earth upon whom day and night jointly, black and bright, have been decreed, the broad earth covered
and enveloped with rain, shall kindly place us into every pleasant abode!
53. Heaven, and earth, and air have here given me expanse; Agni, Sûrya, the waters, and all the gods together
have given me wisdom.
54. Mighty am I, ‘Superior’ (uttara) by name, upon the earth, conquering am I, all−conquering, completely
conquering every region.
55. At that time, O goddess, when, spreading., (prathamânâ) forth, named (prithivî ‘broad’) by the gods, thou
didst extend to greatness, then prosperity did enter thee, (and) thou didst fashion the four regions.
56. In the villages and in the wilderness, in the assembly−halls that are upon the earth; in the gatherings, and
in the meetings, may we hold forth agreeably to thee!
57. As dust a steed did she, as soon as she was born, scatter these people, that dwelt upon the earth, she the
lovely one, the leader, the guardian of the world, that holds the trees and plants.
58. The words I speak, honied do I speak them: the things I see they furnish me with. Brilliant I am and alert:
the others that rush (against me) do I beat down.
59. Gentle, fragrant, kindly, with the sweet drink (kîlâla) in her udder, rich in milk, the broad earth together
with (her) milk shall give us courage!
60. She whom Visvakarman (the creator of all) did search out by means of oblations, when she had entered
the surging (flood of the) atmosphere, she, the vessel destined to nourish, deposited in a secret place, became
visible (to the gods) and the (heavenly) mothers.
61. Thou art the scatterer of men, the broadly expanding Aditi that yields milk according to wish. What is
wanting in thee Pragâpati, first−born of the divine order (rita), shall supply for thee
62. Thy laps, O earth, free from ailment! Free from disease, shall be produced for us! May we attentively,
throuoh our long lives, be bearers of bali−offerings to thee!
63. O mother earth, kindly set me down upon a well−founded place! With (father) heaven cooperating, O
thou wise one, do thou place me into happiness and prosperity


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