Hatha Yoga

Yoga asana practice is a way of focusing upon the natural and intelligent innate life supporting energy (prana shakti) as a gathering/focal point; so that we bring that intelligent energy increasingly into our daily lives, communing more deeply with THAT eternal source which supports all of life. In this way the nature of its Source (in All Our Relations) is revealed as our true Self. In this way love, clarity, peace, and healing manifests in our daily life as Sacred Presence.

Yoga teachings focus on the body positive approaches which through simple process such as found in hatha, kundalini, and tantric yoga reveal the non-dual and transpersonal causal existence of shiva/shakti, mother/father, yab/yum, awareness and being, original spirit and nature, yang and yin (the Great Ultimate) as a whole — in context of the Great Integrity of All Our Relations — the Great Perfection or Mahamudra.

Ha (sun) Tha (moon) Yoga unifies and Reestablishes the Original Integrity of the Primary Sun and Moon Pairs of Opposites

Effective and functional practice starts off with the assumption that the human body is an evolutionary product of billions of years of co-evolution – an ongoing act of creation in relationship with the innate intelligent evolutionary power. When the evolutionary power is seen rightly in the light of the Primordial Source, it is known in its true form, as a reflexive, co-creative, interdependent, and ever changing manifestation. It is a magical wheel/mandala and holographic open doorway. Created “things” (phenomena) and thought forms do not exist by themselves independently, nor do they have an inherent separate or independent identity, rather they are interconnected by the Great Web of All. If we take the human body outside of its primordial context and its evolutionary power, it dies – it ceases to survive outside evolutionary processes (ceases to evolve). Human beings will cease to survive if their social structures and institutions continually grasp onto dead, conceptual, delusional, and dysfunctional principles.

The human body as well as the body of the universe can only be completely understood in terms of this integrative intelligent evolutionary process. We can not take away that context without ignoring our true human nature. Without knowing human life, nature, and our own true nature (who we are), it is hardly likely that one would be able to know their source, timeless identity, or anything else.

In short what appears to be the body’s reality is most often a limited projection imposed upon “what-is-as-it-is” by a biased and limited mindset (citta-vrtti). A distinction must be made between an apparent perception, the view, and what is being viewed. If we view from a limited egoic/separate vantage point, then we will never be able to see the entire “object” from all/universal angles. Thus normal egoic perception is not really the way it truly is, as long as “reality” is not understood trans-conceptually — as a reflection of the universe’s own innate creative process. This understanding is awareness of and union with our original primordial consciousness. Primordial consciousness has always been integral to evolution, but humans can not grasp that conceptually nor in dualistic terms of merely anthropocentric frames. When primordial consciousness merges with man’s non-dual perception of the universe as an ongoing and continuous reflexive pulsation, then man has reached integrity and virtue. That virtue is yoga.

Nature, and especially the human body as an intimate part of nature, is an always available teacher in his palm of the hand capable to remediate man’s state of fragmented consciousness at any time, The true nature of nature as-it-is is known simultaneously when we know the true original and unpolluted nature of our own mind which is transconceptual. The human body is intimately connected to this living matrix and very wise. while nature has contained within it the entire story of all that is and all that has been, as well as the blue print and building blocks for the future.

Although human beings attempt to reduce the body and the mind to the mechanical laws of body mechanics, neurophysiology, biochemistry, brain science, astronomy, physics, philosophy, ethics, rules, religion, and conceptually based sciences such winds up as a severe limitations, conceptual boxes/frames, artifice, and fabrication that man imposes upon life, nature, reality, and the body which in turn separates man experientially and subjectively from full participation in life, the true nature and power of the evolutionary process of co-creation, as well as primordial transconceptual awareness.

These self imposed impositions, by the over use of the intellect to the detriment of intuitive wisdom, most often serve to block and impede the body’s own wisdom which manifests naturally and spontaneously in children and adults (in the adult human this is accomplished by merging pure consciousness and pure being) if not repressed, ignored, feared, or punished.

It is this natural expression of the primordial consciousness as the body’s innate wisdom that authentic yoga elicits. The adult egoic mind has become afraid and alienated from this expression and its spontaneous expression,. In fact the ego desires to control it. Hence natural expression has been repressed, suppressed and feared in unnatural egoic based and arrogant societies. Despite that, within the body there lies a path to primordial source, just as nature reveals her creation to her contemplative or devotee. Devotion to yoga in regard to getting the whole story, obtaining pure integrity and virtue, was known to yogis of the ages. I hope that this innate knowledge will help turn around mankind’s current trend to poison and destroy nature, habitat, life, and Self.

This gets down to Integrity. That gets down to integrity with “what” and by “whom” which is pure virtue and integrity. Nature reflexively displays primordial consciousness which illuminates itself virtually, when the obscurations have been removed.

It is a well known yogic principle that where we put our awareness we place our energy. For example we can place our awareness and energy into a sense organ to enhance its function. More subtly this same principle can be applied to organs, glands, and nerves through internal feelings/awareness just as conscious movement through muscle function can be applied through the motor cortex to stimulate muscles and nerves. This entire process is mitigated by forces and functions of space, gravitation, the endocrines, the brain, joint reflexes, and a retinue of past mental and environmental factors operating simultaneously in the present and in anticipation of future events. This data is available to human awareness when the human’s awareness is operating in the zone of enhanced transconceptual awareness so attuned.

Even within modern Western science, it has come to the notice of many brain scientists and modern neurophysiologists that not only the mental patterns of thought can be measured with cat scans, blood tests, EEG devices, and other physiological devices thus providing scientific proof that the mind affects the physical body, but also it can not be ignored that the body affects mind (say in tranquilizers, mood elevators, psychoactive drugs, biofeedback training, exercise, etc.) It seems clear (at least to me) that some of the ancient yogis also intuited these relationships.

Although Holism in not a mainstream medical paradigm, it is gaining more credence because of modern technological devices capable of measuring these subtle physiological and biochemical relationships. Working on old karmic patterns such as through conscious respiration (breathing), combined with visualizations, movement (asana), dristhi (gazes), mantra (sound energy), and the like directly can unravel and liberate the practitioner from previously induced karmic patterns without becoming conceptual. Artificially programmed vestigial imprints (vasana, samskara, karma) are considered a barrier in yoga thus a path toward liberation from old programming can help trigger our natural (pre-programmed) primary disposition. It is in that universal primordial and evolutionary context that yoga can be understood as an effective tool for liberation.


2 thoughts on “Hatha Yoga

    • Don’t quite understand, Carol. Sun and moon are meaning several things in this context. Most commonly, It is referring to the balancing of ida and pingala when sushumna is open. This is very general. I would advise reading any of the original texts not translated by an american. The depth of the practice is evident when you realize that the food intake and behavior is the first things that need to be followed. Yama is done first to start to awaken kundalini. Also, without the nadis purified, pranayam is then useless, infact detrimental. Pranayam is the foremost practice of hatha yoga. What happens is that the real sadhaka’s practice become living rather than a practice. There is no moment that you are not in the connection to earth and divine. the lights come on. The practice then is no longer a practice but life itself. A much deeper beautiful life.

      Adding a little bit more here. The sun, surya, king of the court of planets, divine masculine, firey, yellow eyed, square body, less hair, integrity, divinity, higher purpose, has 12 mnames due to the 12 houses in the zodiac and the different “moods or attitude” he would have in each. Hence the sun salutation only ever having 12 steps. He is the atma, the universal self, with no other.

      Moon the divine feminine, about love, emotional, watery, round body, fluid, able to move and liking to merge.

      They are the right and left of the ajna chakra. Hence they are of the highest like king and queen. The balance of them in sushumna nadi.

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