Vata Imbalance

Since yoga asana is about balancing the 5 pranas to create health and proper functioning of the physiology and mind, here is from the texts what an imbalance looks like. Excessive exercise at wrong time of year, day, past the point of sweating, breathing through the mouth, eating lots of kale chips because they are popular etc.. creates an imbalance in vata dosha.

The pathology of Vata dosha can be studied when its proportions increase or decrease in the body.
Since Vata dosha is responsible for transportation and motion, its increase logically can result in the uncontrolled increase of these functions, which may lead to early burn outs, exhaustion of resources and friction. The stability of the body would be disturbed with arrhythmic movements whether it be heart
beats, speech or movement of joints. Increase of Vata dosha is described in Ashtanghrudaya as:
“karshya karshinyorushnaamitva kampa aanah
shakrud grahan balanidra
indriya bransh paralap bhram dinata”. 11/6
Dark skin tone
Desire for hot things
Loss of strength
Malfunction of the sense organs

Decrease of Vata dosha would have an opposite effect. The movements would be highly reduced. Transportation of materials and evacuation of wastes would be slowed down, leading to a build up of toxins. The decrease of Vata dosha is described in Ashtanghrudaya as:
“lingam ksheena anila angasya sada alpam bhashitehitam
sanya mahostatha shleshma vruddha yuktamaya sambhava”
In brief the symptoms include
Loss of speech
Loss of motor functions
Symptoms similar to increase of Kapha dosha


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