Ten Commandments For Yoga-Students

Ten Commandments For Yoga-Students

1. Practice Asana, Pranayama, and Meditation in the early morning or three hours after food. At sunrise and/or sunset is the ideal time as the airflow of the nostrils (ida and pingala nadis) is balanced and sushumna nadi is open.

2. Offer prayers to Guru and God before commencing the practice. This is a must.

3. Take Sattvic food, avoid hot, pungent, sour articles of food and stimulants, like tea, coffee, etc.

4. Keep a clean room under lock and key; let it be well-ventilated without draft, cool, free from insects and from other sources of disturbance.

5. Observe strict Brahmacharya; avoid unnecessary conversations.

6. Minimize all your wants, likes, and dislikes. Develop contentment with all that is. Without it there is absolutely no presence and the mind will not still.

7. Take bath before the practice; if that is not possible, have a wash before and bath at least half an hour after the practice.

8. Sit facing East or North or North East.

9. Be regular and systematic in your practice.

10. Follow your Guru implicitly in all respects.


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