Meditation 1 – How to do it.

Spinal Breathing Meditation


Since most people are to spun out to even sit still for 2 minutes, here is a really easy and definitely potent practice that will change your life.

In my many years of witnessing yoga grow into what it has become today in America, I have always questioned why is it that people are lacking what is truly the most important part of a yoga practice, the meditation. It is stated in ancient texts of yoga in the Hatha Yoga Pradipika as well as Gherandha Samhita and Siva Samhita there are only 2 to 5 asanas that are important. They are all meditation asanas. Get the point?

Meditation is a way of connecting to the currents of the universe. This is so core. It energizes you and brings you back to where you came from. Takes you out of what you are not. The path has just started at this point, literally.

There are so many meditations from many ancient texts (Buddhist as well as yoga texts like the Upanishads)….. then there is a ton of meditations that the West has created without the deeper understanding of meditation which leaves most people practicing those western forms unsettled and sooner more than later, they quit the whole practice. Meditation clears karma, when done properly. More on that another time, for now… on with the technique.

Sitting there in silence watching your mind and also trying to clearing the mind is BS. It is the same as telling yourself not to think of pink elephants….and there you have the proof. Most of these western ideas of meditation create more stress and frustration and further spiral into the spinning mind. Much of the time, with the variety of people I have worked with, are living in their heads and don’t know anything else, they believe they are their mind. Isn’t their fault, we have been taught this with our culture of consumption and external gratification. Isn’t it about time to stop the insanity and get out of the trauma? Love yourself and the people around you enough to sit for as long as you are able at least once a day. In the beginning, I promise, with this practice it is easy and changes will happen rapidly. Just do it.

So lets start from an easy place with a more effective way to get you a jump start into a practice. If you already have a practice great!!! Maybe try this anyway and see what happens. This is just a beginning technique and grows as everything else does with practice.

Okay, here we go.


Part 1

Sit in a comfortable position. It can be in a chair or on the floor or whatever makes your body relax.


Just simply feel your entire body. Feel it from the inside of the bones to the hairs on the skin. Feel it like one system without jumping around to and fro.


Start to be aware of your breath.


As you become aware of the movement of the breath, start to follow the breath down to the pelvis and back up.


Start to slow down the exhale comparatively to the inhale. Do this until you are doubling the exhale compared to the inhale. You will feel your body/mind/organs relaxing.


Do this for as long as you feel comfortable. You will notice the mind will stop it’s story and spinning. Gone, just like that.


Part 2

Now bring your attention to the tailbone. Imagine the spine as a channel.


As you inhale you are going to bring prana into the tailbone and up the spine, over the head to the space between the brows.


As you exhale continuing the double count, you will follow back down your spinal canal to the tailbone.




It is as easy as that.


Focus as solely as you can just upon the movement and energizing of the spine. You can also imagine a golden sphere traveling up and down the spine with your breath.


This once again is just a beginning. The techniques grow and become much more and produce greater effects and then get more and more esoteric and into a world we don’t even know exists here in the west.


Just try this for 20 minutes each day for a week and let me know what happens.


Have an enjoyable journey.




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