Salutation to Aditya (The God of the Sun), Who inhabits the Sky, – 

The final part of the trinity including the earth and the breath,
Antahkarana Connection is Heaven; high, high, in the sky.

Gurdjieff referred to, “Our All Father Endlessness” as the, “Central Spiritual Sun” yet even this is not high enough.

There are an infinity of chakras above the head ending in the One God with 10,000 names.

Each of the chakras steps down the high energy of God, so that the chakra beneath can take the charge. Your evolution depends upon how high you can reach.

The Spiritual Masters refer to the energy above the head as, “Brighter than Ten Thousand Suns” Union, alignment, with this energy is Samadhi which leads on to Illumination; EnLightenment. SOUL FUSION. Then you glow with the light of the Soul.

So, talking about Aditya (The God of the Sun) as that which inhabits the Sky is good but there are still higher energies. The Sun is just one of the Higher Chakras – High Archangels who step down the energy of God to everyone on the planet.

The Sun channels the energy of God.

So this Aditya Sun final part of the Holy Trinity represents,
symbolises, the Father, “who art in Heaven”, Brahma., the One God with 10,000 names


“Salutation to Vayu (The god of Wind) who inhabits the wind” – Vayu symbolises the Air Element or the Wind which is the Breath of God. It symbolises a Stream of Energy which flows between God in the Center of the Universe or Heaven and the Center of the Planet Earth.

When that energy is reflected back from the center of the earth towards the center of the universe then it becomes Kundalini Energy 180 degrees out of phase with the energy coming down from the center of the universe.

That flowing energy has a spiral of Magnetic energy circling around it. Being 180 degrees out of phase allows the two spirals to intertwine like DNA. Spiritual DNA forming an Antahkarana or Column of Protection.


“Salutation to Agni (The God of Fire) who inhabits the earth” – Agni symbolises the nuclear fire core which exists in the Kundalini Chakra Center of the planet Earth, which has heated this planet for 4 Billions of Years. The Base Chakra, Muladhara Chakra is built to access these Kundalini Chakra energies external to the physical body in the Center of the earth yet incorporated into the spiritual body of one who is enlightened. As the spiritual body is immortal and we humans are a part of God, then this is the way in which we are spiritually incorporated into the immortal body of God




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