Solar Eclipse of May 20th 2012

Eclipses as per the Hindu Vedic scriptures is when Sun, Moon and the Nodal points of Rahu and Ketu come in a straight line. Rahu and Ketu denotes the two points of intersection of the paths of the Sun and the Moon as they move on the celestial sphere. Therefore, Rahu and Ketu are respectively called the north and the south lunar nodes. The fact that Eclipses occur when Sun and Moon are at one of these points gives rise to the myth of the swallowing of the Sun. Hence they area also referred to as shadowy planets.

Vishnu as "Mohini" distributing Nectar- Amrit- Ambrosia

Vishnu as “Mohini” distributing Nectar- Amrit- Ambrosia

According to Hindu Mythology, during the churning of the ocean, when Lord Vishnu assumed the form of Mohini to deceive the Asuras (demons) of their share of  Nectar(Ambrosia- Amrit). But Rahu and Ketu realized that the Devas (Demi-gods)were up to no good, so they sneaked into the Devas line and drank a bit of the nectar.When the Sun god and Moon god noticed this they reported it to Lord Vishnu who assumed his Vishnu Roop(form) and severed their head with his discus(Chakra). But as they had already had a bit of the nectar, they did not die and hence the severed head became Rahu(North Node) and the body became Ketu(South Node).

Because the Sun and the Moon reported them, Rahu and Ketu terrorize these planets in particular. They are their natural enemy. As they had already become immortal because they had had the Nectar, they pleaded to the gods for forgiveness and were granted status of Planets whereas they are not but have the same strong effects on an individual as planets do.

So quite logically speaking, it is recommended that mantras and chants dedicated to Lord Vishnu (who severed the head of the demon with Sudarshan Chakra) and Lord Shiva (who drank the Halahal-blue) poison that emanated from the churning of the ocean is recited to seek blessings and good results during the eclipses.

Must Dos and Don’t s during the Surya Grahan (solar eclipse).

It is advisable to avoid performing any important work or deal.
After Grahan, perform ritual bath. Take meal only after the ritual bath. Taking a holy dip in rivers or lakes is highly auspicious.
Observe fasting on the day of Surya Grahan.
Avoid outside food during Grahan and as well as the whole day.
Perform ritual bath, Puja, Japam, havan and all other rituals only after Grahan Moksh Kaal (the time when grahan/eclipse is released). 5pm to 8pm here in the Bay Area for this one!!!
Avoid eating during the time of Grahana.
Avoid eating the food which is cooked before Grahan. Take the food which is cooked after Grahan. People can eat the food that is prevented from ‘Soothak (Ashouch). To prevent food from Soothak, just spill some til seeds or keep grass blades (Durva grass) or Tulsi leaves on the food before grahan.

  • Grass blades (Durva or Garika or Darbha) are kept on stored water and food during the time Grahan. It is not a blind ritual. Its proven scientifically that Grass blades purify the water more than Tulsi (Ocimum) leaves can during Grahanam. Grass blades have immense purifying power. This is the main reason why grass blades are kept on stored water and food like pickles.
  • Tulsi (ocimum Basilicum) is treated as the abode of Vishnu- Lakshmi(husband and wife) and as Rahu and Ketu were decapitated by Lord Vishnu, placing Tulsi on eatables protects food from the malefic effects of the radiation caused during the eclipse.

During Surya Grahan, reciting Surya Stotras such as Aditya Hridayam; Maha Mritunjaya Mantram,
Shiva Panchakshari and Vishnu Stotras is highly auspicious.

It is a very good time to meditate.

On a more scientific note, a solar eclipse occurs when the Moon passes between the Sun and the Earth so that the Sun is fully or partially covered. This can only happen during a New Moon day (amavasya) when the sun and moon are in conjunction as seen from earth. On 20th May 2012 we can witness a Total Solar Eclipse as the sun is fully covered by the Moon. Astrologically this eclipse occurs in Mithun (Gemini) rasi. As per Mundane Astrology, the after effect of solar eclipse lasts for few months, whereas the lunar eclipse lasts for few days only. But it is also proven or written in texts that the after effects of eclipse will be more effective in places where this phenomenon is visible. The present eclipse is visible over much areas of Pacific Ocean including islands such as French Polynesia,Easter Islands and also in the southern tips of Argentina, Chile in South America, Mexico and parts of USA. Gemini being an airy sign, aerial as well as man made disasters in this region cannot be ruled out. As it is not visible in India, there would be little of damages in this area.

The solar eclipse may cause some effects in the natives too. Mithun (Gemini) rasi represents couples. So couples, who are not in a happy relationship, may head for a separation. Even marriages which have been arranged and the ceremony fixed may get cancelled. So it is suggested to postpone decisions on vital issues concerning partners and marriages for one month, until the month of Leo. Mithun is an airy sign, so weigh your words carefully, even while joking as you may be misunderstood leading to animosities. Singers and mimicry artists need be very careful about their voice and should take medicines to prevent sore throats or infections. Problems are through electronic media like mobile phones, computers are likely in the form of alarming calls, e-mails, virus attacks, etc. Mithun is the 3rd sign of Kalapurusha. The 3rd sign represents bravery, adventurous mind, bad deeds, impulsiveness, cheating, etc. so be careful against these as the current planetary alignment may put you into much trouble. Health wise take precautions against troubles and aches in throat, ears, hand, shoulders, hands and diseases like bronchitis and thyroid. As the Moon is powerless and malefic, those who are under treatment for mental illnesses need to take precautions. The eclipse may affect pets too very badly. Some may show unusual habits. But the period of eclipse is recommended to those who are engaged in the studies of occult sciences such as astrology, mantra and tantra etc.

Moon will be transiting in Taurus sign in Kritika Nakshatra

Affected countries in the world

The eclipsewill be visible in China, Russia, South East Asia, Philippines, Indonesia, Thailand, Veitnam, Singapore and North America. The Kankan image of this eclipse will be visible in East Asian countries only.

Affected areas of India

It will be visible in eastern states of India like, Manipur, Meghalaya, Mizoram, Tripura, Assam, Sikkim, Nagaland and West Bengal for few minutes after sunrise.

Inauspicious period during the eclipse (Sutak Kal of the Grahan)

Sutak kal of the eclipse is applicable only to those countries where the eclipse will be visible. It will begin 12 hours before the time of eclipse on 20th May, 2012 at 04.30 hrs.

Donations and charity at the time of eclipse

In India, charity, donations and holy baths made at the time of eclipse will only be beneficial in the regions where eclipse will be visible. Everyone should remember and worship the lord they believe in at the time of the eclipse. Those who do not have such specific faith can follow family traditions of worshipping almighty god. Prayers, homas, tarpan, charity, donations etc. can be performed at the time of the eclipse. A person who donates and takes holy bath after the eclipse attains fruitful results.

Effect of eclipse on different zodiac signs (sidereal not western)

Kankan eclipse on 20/21 May, 2012 will have different effects on different sidereal zodiac signs. Moon will be transiting in Taurus in Krittika Nakshatra due to which Taurus natives may have negative effect on their lives. Effects of eclipse on different zodiac signs are as follows:

Effect of eclipse on Aries Sign

Aries natives may have to face sufferings and loss of respect.

Effect of eclipse on Taurus Sign

Taurus natives will have to face physical discomfort and loss of wealth. They are advised to be cautious of the people and circumstances around.

Effect of eclipse on Gemini Sign

Gemini natives might lose wealth as a result of the eclipse.

Effect of eclipse on Cancer Sign

Cancer natives will benefit during the eclipse. They are likely to experience unexpected gains.

Effect of eclipse on Leo Sign

The eclipse for Leo natives will bring wellness and happiness. It is a good period for the natives born under Leo sign.

Effect of eclipse on Virgo Sign

Virgo natives are advised to be cautious and should not indulge in any kind of gossips or cross talks, since they may have to face humiliation.

Effect of eclipse on Libra Sign

Libra natives are advised to be extra cautious. They might experience unexpected losses or troubles during this period.

Effect of eclipse on Scorpio Sign

Scorpio natives may have to face troubles in marital life. Argument with spouse or physical discomfort to spouse is indicated.

Effect of eclipse on Sagittarius Sign

Sagittarius natives should not get disappointed, since they are likely to gain in different ways during the period.

Effect of eclipse on Capricorn Sign

Capricorn natives will be surrounded by some or the other worries. They are advised to share their worries with other people to get relief from stress.

Effect of eclipse on Aquarius Sign

Aquarius natives will have to face troubles during the eclipse.

Effect of eclipse on Pisces Sign

The eclipse will bring benefits for Pisces natives. Unexpected gain in wealth from different sources is indicated.


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