$#!T Happens: The body’s natural cleansing system; Why do a dinacharya (daily regimen); prana part 2

Thought that may spark your interest.

Understanding how prana works is an important part of everything. Without this we are left doing whatever it is, whenever we do it, and not knowing the hows and whys. It leaves us without the effects of what our practice can really do for us as well as leads us into ignorance and ultimately possibly disease without our even knowing the cause is our own doing.

One wakes up early in the morning hours 1 hour and 36 minutes before the sun rises or bramha murhurta.

“The time early in the morning, one and a half hours before sunrise, is called brahma-muhurta. During this time, spiritual activities are recommended. Spiritual activities performed early in the morning have a greater effect than in any other part of the day.
Bhagavata Purana, 3.20.46

In Ayurveda, there is a delineation of how the elements move throughout the day. Vata (air and ether) time is said in Western Ayurveda to be 2 to 6 AM and PM, which is not actually true but is just a lazy template to go by. From “sunrise” it is lighter, clear, and drier and energy is high and clear. This is also the time (mainly around peak) one wakes up when having a vata imbalance, with nightmares, anxiety and all the demons of our mind come out.

If you wake at Brahma muhurta (the time of brahma), a healthy body will instinctually have a bowel movement. This is due to the activation of prana, the inward movement of energy caused by opening the eyes. This is also the body’s way of starting a daily cleansing. The release of the bowel movement or earth element, lightens the body or makes prana move upward. This in turn, stimulates the digestion and then stimulates the appetite. All of this is easily felt if you are sensitive to your body and right after the earth energy is released. At sunrise the water and earth elements increase. If you sleep in beyond the suns rising your body gets heavier and wetter the longer you sleep in seen in the case of the foggy head the longer after the sunrise it is (Kaphakala = time of kapha). The natural bowel movement does not happen if one sleeps in. The body does not cleanse or stimulate the gastric fire but normally the unconscious will eat anyway….. because it is ‘time’ to eat rather than feeling and following our hunger or digestion. The food then does not digest properly and we eat lunch at “lunchtime” anyway because it is the time to eat. This all creates toxicity of the undigested meals on top of other undigested meals. That toxicity is the undigested plaque called ama that is on your tongue and can be scraped off but it is all throughout the system, not just on the tongue. This is one of the root causes of disease. You can see how this is a downward spiral leading us into disease. The western medical research in the late 80’s said that 89% of our diseases started from our bowels. I believe today they think it is a higher percentage.

A major problem with our “technology” is that it is for luxury. Conventional toilets are made for that luxury rather than any function of health. In a sitting position on a toilet the rectum cannot fully empty. If you notice asian (indian as well) toilets are nothing but a hole in the ground and one squats to relieve them self. In this position the rectum is allowed to fully empty. Most americans can hardly squat do to lack of mobility in the lumbar spine, hips, and legs. This is also due to the health internally in that area, the internal organs of the digestive system. We look at those hole in the ground toilets and find it strange and uncomfortable while we also have 89% back problems in the US, while asian countries only have 18%. As Westerners, we simply do not know what we do not know. The truth is that the modern body from sitting so much is massively dysfunctional. Most Americans could not squat to use a indian toilet if they tried. Don’t believe me? Simply ask 10 of your friends to squat and hang out there. See for yourself.

Lets continue the journey. After the bowel movement is released the energy moves upward. This stimulates the gastric fire and appetite. The prana continues its movement upwards and then is now time to cleanse the face to get rid of the earth and water elements and mala that have accumulated. Take out your toothbrush and brush your teeth starting with the lower teeth then moving to the upper teeth. Texts state to face East and sit while doing this. It is to further stimulate and cleanse the body due to the direction and the energy of the sun coming up. It is important to use a bitter, pungent and astringent toothpaste or powder. Our tooth pastes are sweet in this country. The taste of sweet is anabolic and also the elements of earth and water. Most of our dental problems can be easily corrected by simply changing our toothpaste taste. The bitter, pungent, and astringent tastes will cleanse the mouth, tighten the gums, and strengthen the teeth while sweet grows everything inside.

Take a little warm sesame oil and apply it to your entire face, then take a warm wet towel and hold it over your face as well to open the channels before doing the the following. It is crucial that you do this and no other oil is used unless specified by a real Ayurvedic doctor. Western Ayurveda has taken on coconut oil as a default oil because of its Western research success but this is not Ayurveda. Every substance has its own qualities and just using something because you like it or the western world of “health” says it is good is a road paved to hell but with good intentions. just wait and in time these words will be proven true.

We are moving our way upwards to the eyes. Simple washing with luke warm water can be okay but a deeper cleansing by rubbing the eyes with room temp water (no hot water is used above the head to protect the senses, ever) can help incredibly. Rub the medial eyes in circles (the interior or tear duct) away from the center of the eye. Then do the outer edge of the eye as well. Kajal, a medicinal eye liner that cleanses the eye, can be put on at this time as well. (by the way, I make the stuff so you can get the real thing by just contacting me). Brad.Yantzer@gmail.com (Absolutely do not email me asking free advise!!!!!)

After cleansing the eyes, we move to the nose. A couple drops, no more than that, of sesame oil can be applied into each nostril or this is where you could do jalaneti instead which has been commonly known as the neti pot. Do not do both unless you want to create an infection. It has been sold in a “Ayurvedic Cleanse” to do both, this is also not a wise thing to follow if you like your health. Please remember to dry it your nostrils properly if you do jala neti. If you do not know how, don’t do jalaneti in the first place. Once again, you’ll more than likely cause problems, big ones with water stuck in the sinuses.

Now that we have cleansed the nose, it is back down to the mouth. There are a couple options here. Oil pulling is a new hippie dippie thing within the yoga and spiritual and cleansing health world. It is from Ayurveda but what is being touted about it is completely blown out of proportion. Claims of liver detoxing to all sorts of ridiculousness are being made. People are using all kinds of oils for it as well. It is important to understand the deep knowledge behind this. Kavala is the swishing of oil or water in your mouth until tears develop in the eyes. There are signs and symptoms of doing it correctly and also when it is not done properly. There is dietary conditions that is to be followed including eating a light diet. To not follow these guidelines can result in disease or at minimum bad repercussions. In general, you will be fine after oiling and fomenting the face to just use warm sesame oil or water (once again, just sesame oil). An ayurvedic doctor may recommend medicinal oils for certain reasons because there are four types of kavala and each for their specific purposes.

There are always more details, knowledge, and more things to add with those details but this is a really good start.

Now you are ready to start your day. if you have followed the order and details listed above, you are feeling incredible. If there is one thing that I would teach everyone in the world, it would be the sequence and timing above. It is the one thing that would bring the greatest amount of health to everyone and anyone. The senses become better, the mind starts to be clearer and function better. Healthier choices are easier to make. The world would be a much better place. Plus, this series will bring you more in touch with yourself as you begin to clear out the wet towel that covers our ability to feel and sense deep beyond our cravings and ego.

At sunrise, the airflow is flowing evenly through the two nostrils. At sunset as well. I have described this in several other articles as well as one coming soon on Prana. When these two channels are even, sushumna nadi or the central channel is open. Yoga or a ‘practice’ is done at sunrise or sunset.

Asana is done to balance the 5 pranas of the body. It is not to get a yoga butt or open your heart because back bending doesn’t open the heart as is thought. Please try this, back bend as you might be taught then just stand there and feel. Then do a foward bend of any kind and then again stand there and feel. You should be able to feel for yourself that back bending does not in reality open the heart, it sends prana to the head, yeah, sure. But it doesn’t open the heart. This is all our ungrounded and uneducated take on what asana is. In balancing the pranas you create health and proper functioning of all the physiology. Prana is responsible for all the functioning of the sensory and motor functions of the body. This creates health. If a teacher doesn’t know how to balance the pranas and they are just spinning an assortment of asana together because they have done it in someone else’s class and copied it or like the sequence that they have come up with, it is in no regard to the students in their class and what is going on with their unique individual.  Asana also breaks the karma of the physical body. That is opens energetic stuck places of karma and makes health when done under the knowledge of prana. With out it?

Note: If sweating or breathing through the mouth occurs in your practice, you are finished. This is your capacity. The heat in the body has risen to its capacity and the body starts to try to get rid of it. Anything more than this will imbalance prana and create the opposite effects of what asana is actually for. Western exercise theory is based upon warming up, then excessive exertion. In yoga and ayurveda, excessive exertion is one of the main causes of disease later in life. Most of what is being taught out there as yoga, even in India, is not yoga asana.

After asana, the body is primed for building the capacity of prana, prana-ayama. Pranayama is energy building not breathing exercises. Prana is energy or chi or vital force. Ayama is to restrain or contain.

This leads you to the rest of the ladder of the (ashtanga) yoga practice which is far more important in the practice; pratyahara – one pointed focus, dharna – withdrawing the senses, dhyana – meditation and samadhi – a non dualistic state of consciousness (in brevity). Unlike modern yoga there is a template and a way to get there. It is work and takes time and consistent practice and lifestyle choices including food choices.

After your work in (vs workout), now it is time to do a squeezing massage (udvartana). This compacts the body and pacifies vata. This is done with easy squeezing of the tissues, it is not a kneading massage.

A warm sesame oil massage can be done at this time as well. I will write another post sometime on the proper ways of doing abhyanga.

Hit the showers, minding not to use hot water above your shoulders and you are on for the rest of your day. Hot shower in the cold Winter will cause an imbalance to the system and the shock it goes thru imbalances vata.

Back to the poop.

Here are some ways to diagnose what is going on with your digestion:

Your BM should float.
Undigested toxic food sinks due to its heaviness.

Your poop should be much like the state of a ripe banana.
Too dry and the BM is in small pieces or constipation happens
Too liquid means that the formation is due to other imbalances like possibly aggravation of pitta (fire and water)

You really shouldn’t need to use toilet paper.
Can you believe it. If it is well digested, it doesn’t have a stickiness and you should be clean afterwards. This is why they only use water to wash afterwards in those foreign countries with just a hole for a toilet.  If it leaves a skid mark you are definitely not digesting.

A sidebar here is that for some weird reason, the modern world thinks that using toilet paper is somehow cleansing. Most Westerners think that washing your anus with water and your left hand is gross or disgusting which is. Do you think washing your hands before dinner is done with paper towels and no water? Then how is using toilet paper the least bit sanitary or cleansing to your body?  Also, the use of tissue paper on mucosal tissue is harmful to that tissue and causes disease, this is why there was added moisturizers added in the 80’s to toilet paper.

Your BM should not smell bad.
Digested food comes out without odor. Gas, smelly feces, stickiness, is all part of a unhappy digestive system.

You should have 2 to 3 BMs a day.
If you aren’t, where is the food going? Think about it. Normal in the western world of medicine is one a day. That is scary.  Most people only have a few a week.

What to do? Well, read up on past posts, eat right for the seasons and if you are having digestive troubles, lightening your meals in quality or quantity is needed. Lightening of the quality of your intake is another article.


19 thoughts on “$#!T Happens: The body’s natural cleansing system; Why do a dinacharya (daily regimen); prana part 2

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  2. hello again.

    I have skin that is prone to acne (yes, I understand it is probably sign of a bigger problem but it is hard to find an ayurvedic doctor where I live, and even more so one that can be really trusted, so not much I can do..). As such, can I use coconut oil for my face massage in the morning rather than sesame oil. I imagine it would be more cooling to the skin?

    • Janee, coconut will crteate more of a problem. The deeper problem lies in rasa and rakta dhatus. treating the surface with a clogging heavy oil is not a treatment. Just a bandage and a bad one. Without diagnosis it is irresponsible of me to say what to do

  3. also, every other article I have read on dinacharya recommends abhyanga and bathing before yoga/pranayam/meditation. I am not sure if this is also part of the of the misguided advices out there, or something that can legitimately done before or after yoga?

    • True and not. Everything is individual and up to ones sadhana and their individual schedule. Bathe always before sadhana. But yoga today is exercise, nothing spiritual. Doesn’t matter. If one does real japa with real mantra knowledge and diksha then of course bath is necessary prior. Everything is to the level of the individual. In general to the level of the general mass population and what is being practiced as yoga, I would say it does not matter at all though.

  4. I think this is my favorite post so far. A great example of telling it like it is, but also providing a sketch of what we can do even with limited knowledge and resources.

  5. Hello Brad
    Excellent article as always 🙂 I hope you could help with details though:
    1: How warm does the oil need to be? Can one use roasted sezam oil?
    2: Do you propose any toothpaste in particular for daily use? I heard using neem or miswak is better becouse plastic toothbrush collects bacteria but they are unavailable in my country.

    Wanted to share something related i found: http://www.squattypotty.com/d-27/ . You dont have to drill and change the toilet for a new one 🙂 I use a simple plastic bowl myself.


    • Thanks.
      Warm oil is not room temp and not where it will burn you. The warmer the better. I am sure you can use roasted sesame oil, I would not though. Regular sesame oil is the proper oil to be using. Not roasted.

      I have written a post on brushing teeth where your questions will be answered.

      I have seen the squatty potty and it is in another post I have written. Problem is that it is a modern invention for people that do not actually understand completely. You cannot sit on the toilet. It will turn off all the internal musculature that is making the natural BM happen. The squatty potty just lifts the feet up. One must squat and stay there on their own accord, not with help, not with sitting on something.

      Other simple change is to just order an indian porcelain toilet, for much cheaper too.

  6. Hello, Brad 🙂

    Thank you. It is very detailed.

    I do have some questions though? So, here oil pulling is listed as one of the optional choices in the morning cleansing routine. At the same time, in the oil pulling article of yours I found this instruction: “Only to be done: When the sun is shining and the day is devoid of breeze”
    If one wakes up as you recommend 1.5hrs before sunrise, the sun is pretty far from shining…..
    So, is there some Kavala/gundusha that can be done at this early morning time of cleansing? With what? And hold or swish?

    • Hi. Everything has it deeper knowledge as to how when and why as well as contraindications. Gandush and kavala can both be done with warmish water with pretty much no problems at all times.

    • Your welcome. There are always the details of how and when and the contraindications of all treatments in Ayurveda. If I have mentioned it in one place, that knowledge is then applied in all situations with yukti.

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  9. Hello, Brad:
    One more question. I have been doing water/sesame paste as you’ve kindly suggested.
    However, I cannot reach the point of my eyes tearing up. I have been stopping when I feel slight movement of mucous in the back of my nose/throat. However, I am wondering if that is too early.

    Thank you!

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