No garlic or onions in spiritual diet? Why?

Garlic and onions are not in a yogic diet. They are medicinal yes, but the outlying factors support the understanding of how the food we eat support our growth or not and how the food we consume food is what we are made of and it the mind as well.

Garlic has a lot of medicinal values mentioned in Ayurvedic text and modern scientific studies. In Ayurveda we have:

Physical Health

Mental Health

Emotional Health

Sensory Health

Spiritual Health

Garlic is great for almost all other health aspects aforementioned, but it is not good for Spiritual health.

People following a spiritual path are not recommended to eat garlic, onions and radishes. These three specific as well as other root vegetables grow underground. Tamas. They are directly connected to the lower chakras; Garlic to Manipura ruled by Brahma (material world rebirth), Onions to Svadishthana ruled by Kamadeva (kama – bhoga), and Daikon Radish to Muladhara ruled by Ganesha. Althought these foods are excellent for samasara life (mundane world) and are healthy for the functions of these lower chakras, such as eating onions actually increasing ones shukra, they are opposed to a spiritual life completely and go against all knowledge of all Vedic based spirituality. Also Vishnu, supreme god of vedic traditions does not like garlic and eating it disrupts the connection with him. He resides in the heart.

Garlic itself is hot, pungent, and tamasic. All the tamasic foods shut down the light of the soul and it does not reach the mind and heart. Mind loses the guidance of god within us, then senses (indriya) take over and connect to the physical and material world.

It all depends what is the ultimate goal to achieve – Spiritual or Material. Ayurveda is for everyone.

This is why in all Vedic temples in India onion and garlic is not allowed on premises. It is highly pitta aggravating after “shuddhi” (purification) it becomes less pitta aggravating, but it does not change the vibrational property of garlic – it is tamasic. Only in Ayurvedic pharmacology the physical and vibrational quality of an entity is studied. Vibrational quality of which is almost impossible to change.


Yada Rase Aswadane
Unyate Tyajyate Dharmikeh
Paphetutwat iti rasonah

“Garlic is prohibited during spiritual rituals because eating garlic is paapa (sin promoting or sinful)
– Nighantu Adarsh

But as a medicine a Vaidya can recommend anything to save a physical body because soul needs a shelter to live in. At the same time the doctor has the responsibility to know what is the patient’s ultimate goal in life. If it is spiritual then try to avoid garlic and find a proper substitute if possible.

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