Perspective and note about blog

It has been stated to me through many people over time and now because of this blog that “my view” is seems like they are very dogmatic. They seem inflexible and confining.

I have to say, I finally got it. Thanks to a student today, I really got it. We were having a conversation about all of this stuff before I taught a class. She was saying that there has to be a gratitude for how the West has brought yoga to the masses. I said, “absolutely not.” I then went on to try to explain that ignorance creates ignorance and never moves in the other direction. I tried to explain that there are fundamental underpinnings of the philosophies that these great systems have been developed upon that are not in the “yoga’ that is being taught and proof is in what yoga is understood to be. I tried to explain that it is not my view that I am teaching (except for a rant here or there) or that I am coming from but rather the texts of which these systems are written about. Not some new agey, watered down, feel good, mass media book that has little to do with what it is trying to explain to the uneducated and unexperienced. We gotta start somewhere, yes. I completely agree. But where is that? If we learn from ignorance we only know ignorance. If we never pick up any of these original texts and learn and “experience” what they are explaining (which is in great detail and very much at times quite daunting compared to the life that we live in the West), then we are doing no more than spiritual masturbation. It gets you off and feels good but it is only for the moment until the next thing comes around. Excuse my rather brass way of explaining that. In some ways I would rather all the readers of this blog not to read it and open up the ancient texts instead but from my experience only a very select few will spend the time and respect to do so.

Without understanding the basic foundations of what we are talking about and that could be about any subject, we are no more than talking to talk. An ego trip. For whatever reason might apply. With the understanding we can take that wisdom and have a decent conversation with an educated bias and conjecture that comes with innocence of a student rather than a means to be right. Without the knowledge behind our teachings we lose all sight of that which is being taught. it becomes blurred in ignorance and then we have what we have today in so many arenas. Only a serious student will have the diligence to learn.

It is only in the details that are learned by a sincere study and formulated thru use into experience that we see that those details are the keys to the opening of a truth that is beyond explanation and only experienceable. Only to the ignorant do the details not matter.


As an offering, I pledge to do my best to keep this blog as true to the teachings that are explained in the ancient texts. I will not bend. This is the inflexibility. It is also the deep reverence that I hold to this wisdom. It is not for sale. It is also due to the respect I have for the reader. It is also the inflexibility that keeps the container of discrimination in integrity. Knowledge is only through discrimination. This is stated in the texts. Within this it allows one to see the true template that then allows one to swim freely in the maya. Oh and, This in no way means I will cut out the rants that occur from time to time.

Thank you,

Brad Yantzer, Author of True Ayurveda


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